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Search results

  1. BIGR

    2004 Yukon XL 2500 LBZ

    Speaking of Dorman body mounts, I recently ordered 2 from Rock Auto for my S-10 daily beater. Great replacement product and easy installation. Wasn't replacing all 6 of them, just the ones that went bad for now. Just my beater, local truck, no big trips in it. I just fix what breaks and move on.
  2. BIGR

    Cooper Discover All-Terrain tires

    Very nice Ferm, and it's great to hear from you.
  3. BIGR

    2004 Yukon XL 2500 LBZ

    Very nice indeed, great to hear from you. From the sound of things you have been real busy, but enjoying life.
  4. BIGR

    Tractor/equipment for up to 5 acres

    Nice, should get the job done. Woods makes a bunch of great attachments including bush hogs, its a well known company.
  5. BIGR


    I'm curious about the tow vehicle? If it was single wheels on the rear axle, I bet it's tire ratings were greatly exceeded. Also, probably the axle rating was exceeded.
  6. BIGR

    My new shop

    They may never fall, but I would be real nervous about those big trees that are close to the building.
  7. BIGR

    Paint Code?

    I think it is the U 228A, which would be called a Light Autumnwood Metallic? Am I correct in the assumption that your vehicle is not really a gray or silver? https://www.automotivetouchup.com/touch-up-paint/gmc/1995/suburban/ Use the code locator link below...
  8. BIGR

    Tractor/equipment for up to 5 acres

    Look at this truck their listing, too good to be true. https://equipmentreliabilityconsulting.com/services/sale-25-off-3/
  9. BIGR

    Tractor/equipment for up to 5 acres

    Seems too good to be true, that's alot of equipment for that price. Also that shipping price, how far is it being hauled? I'd beware, I found where that company website domain was just created last month. Look up that company address on Google maps, it's a building near a golf course. I've...
  10. BIGR

    Pulling all

    Exactly what I was thinking, he might be a one post wonder. Maybe he can prove us wrong.
  11. BIGR

    Pulling all

    Yelp, and I'd like to see more pictures of it towing things. Plus some information about the tow truck. Appears to be a GMC or Chevy?
  12. BIGR

    Truck Names

    Keep it simple. Blackie and Brownie
  13. BIGR

    2016 Ford F-250 parts

    I had a similar experience last fall with my 2006 Chevy 2500HD. Before deer season I took it to the Chevy Dealer that I have used for years. I bought my truck there in December 2005 and a couple of sports cars there way back in the 1980's. I didn't want to fool with crawling in under it...
  14. BIGR

    What did you do with your GMT400 today...or yesterday....

    I know I would be comparing apples to oranges since my truck has the 6 speed Allison, but with the 3:73 rear end my truck turns 2000 rpms at 77 MPH. I am running the 245 tires, always stuck with the size that came on it.
  15. BIGR

    We are building a house!

    Congrats to you and the wife. Sounds like you are planning things out and that's major. Build the way you want it and do it right from the beginning one and done. Without a doubt the process will be stressful and might make you a little ill at times. We started a house in 2013 and moved in...
  16. BIGR

    Back after being away for 10 years

    Welcome Back, don't be a stranger. Nice boat and truck, you have there.
  17. BIGR

    1998 Chevy Silverado C1500, had since 2000

    Welcome to The Truck Stop.
  18. BIGR

    2013 Escalade ESV w/ SLP TVS2300

    Yelp I'm sold on the Blizzaks, I have actually backed up snow covered driveways without spinning, trying them out. They help a bunch about stopping, the front tires don't slide as much. They seem to be made of a soft rubber compound, which I'm sure helps with traction, plus being directional...
  19. BIGR

    2013 Escalade ESV w/ SLP TVS2300

    Very nice indeed. I have had great luck with the Blizzaks on snow and ice. I have an extra set of wheels with Blizzaks for my 2006 Chevy 2500HD and an extra set of steel wheels with Blizzaks for my beater 2002, S-10. I just put the Blizzaks on the S-10 the other day and will run them until...
  20. BIGR

    She turned 100 today.

    My 2006 Chevy 2500HD hit the 100,000 mile mark today after 18 years and 12 days. 3000 some hours, I'd have to look at the hour meter to be exact. Major work was a new turbo a few years ago, and had some glow plugs replaced. Left rear axle seal, one of the hubs, can't remember much about the...