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Search results

  1. DEERE3594

    What weight gear oil..

    any additive needed for the G80?
  2. DEERE3594

    Dodge Wheels on a GM, doesnt look bad

    Different! I like it!
  3. DEERE3594

    What weight gear oil..

    I SHOULD know this, butttt... What weight gear oil do y'all recommend for 2002 GM 14bolt full floater with the G80? I live in Ohio, so it gets cold, do more running around empty then towing.. (it seems Ive forgotten half the stuff I use to know about trucks since I dont have to be a...
  4. DEERE3594

    What do you run in your truck in the way of a communications type radio?

    CB. use it daily in my 8.1 (daily driver) on my 60ish mile round trip! My cell phone gets lost and is dead most of the time.. its atleast 7 years old and a prepaid pos :D
  5. DEERE3594

    Big Rigs. What do you prefer

    388 replaced the 378 and 389 replaced the 389, right? 121bbc(388) to 131 bbc(389)?
  6. DEERE3594

    Opinions on 99-03' GM BBlks 7.4/8.1 and SBlk 5.3/5.7

    I love my 8.1 dually. I get 11.7 MPG driving to work.. 75% highway doing 80, 25% city doing 35. tows like a raped ape too!
  7. DEERE3594

    New From East central Illinois

    Now thats a truck! VERY nice!
  8. DEERE3594

    LED Clearnce lights on the 1994 K3500

    Pics? I wanna see :):):thumbsup::thumbsup:
  9. DEERE3594

    LED Clearnce lights on the 1994 K3500

    Thems OEM for school buses, if you want an idea what they look like in "real life" :thumbsup:
  10. DEERE3594

    LED Clearnce lights on the 1994 K3500

    I put LED bulbs in mine, under 10$ for 2 at the part store. Havnt had a problem and I got 9 cab lights on mine :)
  11. DEERE3594

    What do you drink to get going in the morning?

    coffee all day long at work, sometimes juice if im feeling healthy, sometimes 5 hour if i spent to much time working the day before to get my need 5 hours of sleep :rolleyes5:
  12. DEERE3594

    2002 Steering shaft

    On my 2002 3500 8.1 the steering shaft is bad, the u-joint right by the gear box is trashed. I can only find the upper part of the the shaft, I need the lower. I already have the thing apart and no one has the dang thing. so for the second time in 2 weeks my truck is down for something that...
  13. DEERE3594

    6.2 vs 454

    Go with a 7.4 OR 8.1... so much cheeper to work on.. witch equals more money for fuel :)
  14. DEERE3594

    thanks! love the burb!

    thanks! love the burb!
  15. DEERE3594

    What brand of GPS do you have?

    I use a map and a CB radio. Never had a problem yet :)
  16. DEERE3594

    Friends 2003 6.0 question

    Freind of mine just picked up at stock 2003 6.0 At idle the turbo sounds like it spools ...then normal... the spools.... thoughts? And when you turn the truck off for about 10seconds there is a loud clicking noise from under the hood... :WTF:
  17. DEERE3594

    Constant white smoke

    It had 40 or 50k on it.. it was a International diesel junk build.. Thats what Im thinking as well... but the damn thing maybe had a hour or 2 of constant smoke run time.. Its going to sit for the winter.. I have a 6.2 long block in a barn... have to start messing with that.. Got way to...
  18. DEERE3594

    Driving lights in stock bumper

    I tow heavy and havnt had any over heating problems. I have amber turn signals in my bumper
  19. DEERE3594

    Constant white smoke

    Parking it threw winter.. I just put this motor in the truck this spring.. Im not in the mood to pull it out again..
  20. DEERE3594

    Constant white smoke

    You got that right. Oh well, what can you do? :)