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Search results

  1. JMJNet

    6.5L Injector Socket for 6.5L

    6.5L Injector Socket Snap On Metric 30MM Diesel Injector Socket S6128. Price is $55 shipped via USPS Priority Mail with tracking (Continental USA only, No Alaska or Hawaii) This is $65 to $69 current price on EBay and Amazon. Payment with Paypal Personal or Venmo Personal.
  2. JMJNet

    12v key-on power

  3. JMJNet

    Harmonic balancer bolt

    There is a shaft, the seal is around the shaft. It may still be outside the cover. When I replaced the HB/Crank Pulley, I gave the mechanic a "round seal with lips" in addition to the pulleys. Will said, it is called "front Crankshaft seal" It has been a while but somebody should have a...
  4. JMJNet

    Harmonic balancer bolt

    IIRC, there is a seal behind the HB.
  5. JMJNet

    No Communication with scanner

    Not solving the scanner communication issue but since you are worried about transmission. How is the Transmission fluid condition? Sometimes, transmission problem arises from neglected fluid or even low level.
  6. JMJNet

    Engine oil cooler lines

    IIRC, Leroy have videos for that part. You may want to check his channel on YT.
  7. JMJNet


    @Rodd, I sent you a PM.
  8. JMJNet

    4wd actuator wiring PLEASE HELP!!!!

    It is not GM if everything is easy. 😉
  9. JMJNet

    4wd actuator wiring PLEASE HELP!!!!

    When I did mine, I just find a Youtube video on it. It is the same for gasser or diesel. Follow their direction. Not sure if yours has been modified then you need to post picture on what is the current situation.
  10. JMJNet

    Ecm not enabling glow pug turn on !

    Did you put in ACDelco parts?
  11. JMJNet


    JMHO. There is no such thing as the most reliable battery. You can buy battery from the same mfg or brand, sometimes it is good for a long time, sometimes it is short lived. The objective here is to buy it from a place where you have access to replace under warranty wherever you are.
  12. JMJNet

    New PMD on 2003 Hummer H1 and now Check Engine Light? Need advice please

    Did you connect the extension cable correctly? There are orientation on those cable but it is not clear on the extension connector. Where did you buy the cable and PMD from? The tricky one is the extension cable and some Dorman PMD have been known to be DOA or now working properly even when new.
  13. JMJNet

    TACH signal from alternator

    There are almost no 6.5L diesel in the salvage yard anymore. During one of the previous president (the name start with "O"), they have a program called "Cash for Clunkers". During that time, a lot of these trucks were destroyed and pressed for metal.
  14. JMJNet

    TACH signal from alternator

    So did you swap the 57mm from 230 to the working alternator?
  15. JMJNet

    TACH signal from alternator

    Yes, that is true. You loose the advantage of the better alternator.
  16. JMJNet

    TACH signal from alternator

    I have the AD244 in mine also. I leaned to live with the rpm discrepancy. It has been like that for more than 10 years.
  17. JMJNet

    Water pump recommendations

    Not a suggestion just pointing out that the Flowkooler is not available anymore. "Out of stock with no ETA available"?
  18. JMJNet

    no fuel

    It needs an extended crank with LP running by putting 12V source into the LP (relay jump).
  19. JMJNet

    no fuel

    Step 0 (zero), make sure there are fuel pumping to the filter from the tank. Then you can measure the pressure.