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Search results

  1. Horsehaulin

    6.5 with recurring codes

    Corporate Canada, just to set the record straight, lol!
  2. Horsehaulin

    6.5 with recurring codes

    Airing out laundry over here is uncalled for. Randy talked to you about what was on everyone's mind prior, you didn't change and although I had been gone for most of a week dealing with a death of a Fire Fighter and his memorial I tried to talk to you and you shut me down before I could give you...
  3. Horsehaulin

    Looking for a CAI Beta Tester (FREEBIE!)

    Wrecker, what info did you need? I have been running this on my truck which has been at 500+ RWHP since Feb.
  4. Horsehaulin

    Looking for a CAI Beta Tester (FREEBIE!)

    Wrecker, I run a Amsoil EAAU on my AFE intake. Been like that since March and works great. I can hear the turbo just a little more without the oiled filter and it seems my smoke has cleared just a tad at WOT. Once I get my turbo from Mark at Danville, we will really test this setup out. I...
  5. Horsehaulin

    (09/24/09) Do you use a GPS in your truck?

    Its built into my phone, have no choice but to carry it in the truck everytime I drive. HTC Touch Pro through Sprint. Great GPS unit, only put me out of target address twice in almost two years of use. Ofcourse being that I drive a tow truck and mostly out of home city, I make it work hard...
  6. Horsehaulin

    Smoke Switch

    That switch is for the VGT in the LLY's on up. If you want more smoke, you need a tuner like EFI Live with a smoke tune and possibly a built trans.
  7. Horsehaulin

    What Cab Configuration do you have?

    EC/LB, needed the room in the bed. My little boy is now going on three, so I will need the room in the cab in a couple! Next truck will be a CC/5500 4WD with rear air suspension, and Monroe bed.
  8. Horsehaulin

    Inaugural DTR Site giveaway, time is running out!!

    I am in! Amsoil is the only lubricant that touches my truck!
  9. Horsehaulin

    my ATA cooler

    Install looks good, well thought out and a way I havent seen yet. If I were you though, I would remove the heavy grey intake cover. It does nothing but trap heat in the engine.
  10. Horsehaulin

    the wife is really gonna kick my ass now

    True, that will give you time to build a custom bumper to house that new winch and get it all installed. Might be onto something there!
  11. Horsehaulin

    (07/22/09) - How many miles do you get out of a typical set of tires?

    I either change my mind about the tire size, or get a new set of rims and want to shoes to match. Never more than 20K for me. Had a set of goodyears last me 30K while in the Army, but they gave up with a few geting the notorious blisters. Never again will I run a Good for a Year. BFG A/T...
  12. Horsehaulin

    the wife is really gonna kick my ass now

    Looks good, hope the wifey dont send you to the garage for a month!
  13. Horsehaulin

    Trans is in!

    As for the shop doing the work, it is a little shop called Maximum Overdrive in Redkey, IN. The town has a flashing stop light, thats it. Jim is the owner and a owner of a 6.5TD suburban, he wants to do a NBS Burb Dmax conversion but is always elbow deep in transmissions to be doing it. He is...
  14. Horsehaulin

    Trans is in!

    Stock turbo so far with the optional 3 broken vanes:mad2:. Previous owner installed a bad turbo and took the good one.
  15. Horsehaulin

    GTG, Fort Wayne, IN June 26th

    Also, due to the route being watched by so many LEO's, I have devised a new route through town that should keep us from being pulled over this time. Also, all food at Sonic is 10% off that night! Hope some of the local members come out and enjoy a nice night of diesels and friends.
  16. Horsehaulin

    GTG, Fort Wayne, IN June 26th

    The monthly GTG will be again at the Sonic on Lima and Dupont RD's, right infront of the Walmart. Time will be 8PM as usual as it seems to be the time that works out best for all that come. As always, this is a family friendly function and I pray that all attendies would be on their best...
  17. Horsehaulin

    Trans is in!

    Just a little update, the trans is holding well at 536/1022 everyday! My "Kill Tune" is basically my daily driver since I have some jokers around here that thinks lil cars are fast. So far a year, 10K miles and not a single problem. Shops name is Maximum Overdrive out of Redkey, IN. He mainly...
  18. Horsehaulin

    Diesel Cruise-in, Fort Wayne, IN 9-19-08

    As the title states, this will be the third one that Sonic is hosting and I am putting together. Location: Sonic corner of Lima Rd and Dupont Rd. Cant miss it as it is right in front of the new Walmart and the Sonic is new itself! Time: 8 PM, I am going to start this one a little earlier...
  19. Horsehaulin

    GTG, Thrid Friday, Fort Wayne, IN

    At the new Sonic on the corner of Lima Rd. and Dupont Rd. in Fort Wayne, IN. starts @ 9PM GTG, every third Friday of the month during decent weather months that is. We had a turn out of eight trucks with a few that wanted to show up but had other more pressing plans come up. But those that...
  20. Horsehaulin

    Indiana DTR Chapter

    Checkin in.