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    Torque convertor staying locked up causing stalling?

    Best way I can describe a stuck TCC is that it's similar to trying to stop , while driving a stick , without pushing in the clutch .
  2. E

    Heater hose replacement

    Yes , reuse the tube . The green heater hose might be of a different heat range . You'll see what I mean about cutting the clamp off . It doesn't take much , after all it's just aluminum .
  3. E

    Heater hose replacement

    I normally take a hacksaw or whizzer to the lock collar and slit it along the length . Use a screwdriver and pry open the collar , it should fall off . After that it's hose replacement time .
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    Choke spring or choke stove in intake manifold ?

    If this is on a stock truck , I would leave it open . Basically it heats the intake manifold . Now if this is for performance , most people block it off to try and keep the intake cooler .
  5. E

    Choke spring or choke stove in intake manifold ?

    That should be clear for both sides .
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    Rebuild about done

    Agree with all the above but if you are only doing the one side and have not removed the glows on the opposite side , you will not get full cranking RPM . Sorta like a gas engine without removing all the plugs and having full throttle . Still , the numbers do seem low .
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    Best paint for inside steel wheel/ rims?

    I seen it used on a couple of applications . One on a backhoe that was half torn off and it was still usable , if you didn't mind the constant " flapping " when driving it . Most of the time the old tire has to be cut off the rim , or just buy another rim , but for ease of mind knowing that tire...
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    4L80E Transmission Temp Sensor

    I think it's part of the wiring harness in the pan .
  9. E

    1987 6.2 diesel rebuild

    Mine took 4 slugs of heavy metal to balance . That was also with a new GM balancer . Kinda brings up the need for the FD balancer . If the balance is within the realm of the stock balancer , do you really need the FD ?
  10. E

    Powermaster Starters

    I think you guys are missing one important detail about the bolts . Earlier this year I got some from RA and they were not the gold color that is normally on the GM bolts . Dealer got me a couple , along with some washers , and they were the same as the RA bolts . The washers were at least...
  11. E

    Is there a fuel line rotorooter?

    Ever thought about using a hand vacuum pump ? If this is something you don't need immediately , connect a container of your favorite fluid and pump the other end .
  12. E

    Powermaster Starters

    You could try the racecar trick with the Ford solenoid .
  13. E

    1993 Chevrolet 3500 Crew Cab Long Bed $3500.00 Baytown Tx.

    I'd like the trans and overdrive and the ATT . Maybe we could split the cost or ??
  14. E

    1993 Chevrolet 3500 Crew Cab Long Bed $3500.00 Baytown Tx.

    Any interest in parting it out ? Engine , trans , TCM ?
  15. E

    1993 Chevrolet 3500 Crew Cab Long Bed $3500.00 Baytown Tx.

    Wish you were closer , I'd take it .
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    Banks 6.2 Sidewinder Manifold Upgrade

    I saw your earlier posts and picked up a set of the exhaust manifolds from RA . They were around $200 plus shipping . I wanted them new so that I wouldn't have to deal with the slime and grime when welding/hacking the apart . Still thinking about which way to go as maybe Muggy Weld rods are in...
  17. E

    4L80e compatibility question

    Larger and longer trans . Wiring is also different . This is not a bolt in swap .
  18. E

    Someone help me understand this!!

    As the others have stated , that's a Moroso Pan E Vac system . Two breathers , check valves and pipes that are cut at about 45 degrees .
  19. E

    Another 506 build

    Are those " Hoops " ?