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Search results

  1. MrMarty51

    Truck Names

    How about OH and the other one 💩. Cause thats what I say to mine from time to time. Could be Barnes and Noble. Read um like a book when something happens.
  2. MrMarty51

    Fun video thread?

    Okay. IDK if this thread is dedicated to burnouts. Possibly not so here is a video I took of the neighbors cat, Speckles. He uses most of his time at our house, he rushes the door when he wants in and when he wants to go He sets by the door until we open it for him. This is a toy that our cats...
  3. MrMarty51

    Custom trailer hitch

    The 1993 K1500 GMC I once owned, the hitch was mounted under the frame, on the lower portion of the [ channel. That design was tearing out the bolt holes. I used thick hard warshers on the inside of the lower rail and that stopped the hitch from tearing out the bolt holes. I think if it were me...
  4. MrMarty51

    Turn Signals Kaput

    The poorjects just keep stacking. Three more ahead of sealing the enjun in my truck. Probably be 2025 before I see that. 😹😹😹
  5. MrMarty51

    Turn Signals Kaput

    Thank You very much. Not sure when but there will be another thread started on the poorject. 😹😹😹
  6. MrMarty51

    Fun video thread?

    I dont even go there. I will nail down the throttle just for the acceleration but I dont try to wear down my tires. 😹😹😹
  7. MrMarty51

    GM 6.5 TD engine poof problelm

    Rumble ? Seems rumble wanted money to load videos into their site, or else, I just didnt know how to navigate it.
  8. MrMarty51

    2016 Ford F-250 parts

    Oh yes we dont. 😖😹😹😹😹
  9. MrMarty51

    Downpipe gasket doubled?

    In my experiences. Doubling gaskets on an exhaust leak will more than double the leak. The exhaust will burn out the gaskets even quicker than one gasket. Best to make a sanding block with a 2X4 maybe three or four inches long. Staple 80 grit or courser to the block and sand away the high...
  10. MrMarty51

    Cranks no Start check list uploaded

    Reason to leave the old PMD in position on the injection pump is because it is mighty difficult to get to the screws with the intake manifold attached. It is also difficult to get the resistor picked out of the PMD where the harness plugs into it. If You can get the original resistor plucked...
  11. MrMarty51

    2016 Ford F-250 parts

    Or just mention it to the SM when telling them what You need done. “Oh yeah, be sure to tighten the filter to specs this time”. Then after You get home, check the filter, then, especially the drain plug.
  12. MrMarty51

    Turn Signals Kaput

    How much You want for Your old switch ? On My MF switch the emergency flashers dont stay on unless I set there and manually hold the button. I been in a couple of situations where that was not a good option. Let Me know if You want to part with it and arrangements can be made.
  13. MrMarty51

    Engine oil cooler lines

    I think He has a build thread about his engine.
  14. MrMarty51

    Cranks no Start check list uploaded

    Welcome to thetruckstop DJ
  15. MrMarty51


    Did a search and found this code number. IDK yet if it works but I will inna short while. 😹 Code did not work so I deleted it. 🤷‍♂️😹
  16. MrMarty51

    Speedometer quit working.

    Welcome to the site BB. It is not real difficult to build a bracket to screw the TPS to, the challenge comes from getting the throttle shaft to accept the TPS. We do like some pics if You could possibly post some for us.
  17. MrMarty51

    My 2005 Yukon XL

    I did find that the NAPA store and Oriellys here has many of those latching connectors in stock. I was able to get the connector for the TPS from NAPA and another one from Oriellys on their next day parts order from Billings. Released the wire/terminals and plugged in the original terminals...
  18. MrMarty51

    My 2005 Yukon XL

    When I have broken weather pack terminal connectors, I use the appropriate tool, release the terminal from the busted weather pack, remove the pig tail from the good WP and shove the original terminal into the new weather pack. I dont like clipping wires and splicing in pigtails.
  19. MrMarty51

    Heart Surgery

    How about the lock and stitch kits to repair the cracked heads ? Is it good to polish these cranking shafts ? All the reading I done says to not mess with the journal surfaces.
  20. MrMarty51

    Heart Surgery

    Cracked webs ?