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    Diesel fires?

    My son said his tiktok feed has shown a lot of fires and he asked me about it. But I haven’t seen anything personally. Saw 2-3 Videos he tried to show me looked like slant headlight gm’s the chevron light years trucks. Can’t say much only seeing a few videos of any trends.
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    Rock block. Tailgate gap seal and tonneaus etc tape track?

    On testing mpg nope at least not yet. The tonneau was for the wife so I could cover all her luggage ( she packs like a Victorian princess). Comes in handy to cover beach & tailgating gear, keeps eyes outa my bed. I know it won’t stop a thief but it makes them work for it. I got this...
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    Rock block. Tailgate gap seal and tonneaus etc tape track?

    Thanks, Good stuff to try. I like the bed sheet idea. I saw some pintrest or youtube people tarp below and then lay some tarp up over bed rails that is an idea too might be getting down to the last inch or so it might snag on the pitchfork. That could be a pick your poison. I have seen...
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    Rock block. Tailgate gap seal and tonneaus etc tape track?

    I have a back revolver roll up tonneau. Works pretty good. But when I haul mulch it’s a pain to clean out the track. Also, my 2020 is harder to clean out the gap at tailgate. I tried blue painters tape and it kept track clean. The tape came off ok but tears easy. Anyone tried similar...
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    Any suggestions for cleaing greasey engines without a pressure washer?

    Pump-up garden sprayers are pretty helpful if you find something you like you can spray or jet the stream. I like Charlie's soap and Dawn Ultra. A leaf blower blow-off can help speed drying. Might try some marine bilge cleaner in a garden sprayer it is supposed to mix with water. I use...
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    High speed video of injector spray and combustion smarter every day

    I enjoyed this. I did find it interesting how he says the stoichiometry has some effect with burn back to the tip of the injector. Around 11:55 into the video. There are even more variables pressure in the cylinder, the temperature of the fuel, the temperature of compression and more. I have...
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    My Shop

    It is designed for it. They are mfg’ed pieces made to be mated to the tongue. The bracing looks good. Very similar design just an inverse of putting it on the receiver side. We might could argue an inch or so difference in a couple of designs but then argue how much bracing and difference...
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    My "Twisted" P400 build

    Awesome Thank you for sharing. Wishes for many enjoyed miles
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    Gooseneck hitch disconnect while heavy loading?

    Looks like your ramps are triangles big feet. But something on the loading was a tad off. Maybe a little nose down a little uneven ground etc. Did the ramps try to fold back up? Were the ramp pads or feet too far off ground or the angle of feet didn’t “ bite” . Mine when level are...
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    Gooseneck hitch disconnect while heavy loading?

    Hook it up and use the landing gear to lift up and see what happens. Mine can lift my ‘97 2500 rear off the ground. I have heard and seen you tube videos of loading equipment where the trailer lifts rear truck wheels off the ground and truck and trailer roll. Yes, if your ramps don’t have...
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    Vegetable Gardens

    You make charcoal. Then it is best to load it or inoculate it with nutrients and or some bio organisms. Then you amend soil with it. Charcoal has a lot of surface area and helps hold nutrients in soil so they don’t leach out. If you get a good blend of soil and loaded biochar it helps the...
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    Vegetable Gardens

    Anyonoe make biochar? Biochar looks interesting but also appears time-consuming and labor intensive. I will flame off the garden at end of season and the winter weeds and turn over the soil.
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    Vegetable Gardens

    We plant some marigolds in the garden too. But we will still have to use some seven dust. I heard drip irrigation is supposed to be better than wetting the leaves too frequently with a sprinkler.
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    Vegetable Gardens

    Fresh veggies taste better. We redid our boxes this year. Still have to mulch between them, add the drip irrigation, and some trellises. It will be overcrowded in a month. We have some flower pots with herbs, some blueberries, and a few blackberries too. We don't have enough blackberries...
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    Opinion? Anyone use one of those clamptite hose clamp tools

    Thanks. There are homemade versions on Pinterest and instructibles made from a turnbuckle. I had sorta thought about a turnbuckle But didn’t think thru the lead turns and options instructibles gives decent instructions. Wouldn’t be hard to make but I bought one for the size at the tip...
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    Opinion? Anyone use one of those clamptite hose clamp tools

    So what do you think of those tools to make a hose clamp from wire ? clamptite My initial use would be for garden hose to make a low profile clamp for a new end.
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    Wooden handle (shovel, rake, hoe etc) protection Teak oil ??????

    I don't know why this took so long for me to figure out..... Anyway, maybe it will help someone. I needed to smooth my pitchfork handle again and reapply some boiled linseed oil. After hitting a few rougher areas I figured a way to sand it more uniformly. The video is shaky and just a...
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    Greasing balljoints: should you jack up the vehicle and unload the suspension?

    I read something recently that suggested it is best practice to jack up a vehicle by the frame to unload suspension to grease the ball joints. It makes sense as sometimes I lift my bushhog to grease the tailwheel kicking it to rotate it as the lincoln pumps grease around the "pin". But then I...
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    Hard Shifting NV4500, less than 2 years on clutch

    Nice! Congrats on a job well done. Should last a long time. Enjoy the handshaker as a nice functioning one is cool. Yeah, I hear ya KISS Keep It Stupid Simple is generally a good policy but he did have a compound problem: broken stud ball, and the clutch disc did have a broken spring (not...
  20. S

    Hard Shifting NV4500, less than 2 years on clutch

    If you can find a turnbuckle about the right size that can be modified that might work. Leave enough room for a jam nut. If the extended pilot was the issue it might squeal or make noise plus I would think the interference of soft metal would wear away pretty quickly.