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    99 2 door Tahoe

    Picked up a new project/driver. The Burb needs quite a bit of work, so to keep a daily driver, I picked up a 99 2 door 2 wheel drive gas tahoe. I've wanted one of these for quite awhile now, its small/short enough and low enough the wife can hopefully drive it comfortably, and should make for a...

    4l80e limp mode PROBLEM!!!!!

    Only the front input speed sensor does anything. The rear trans mounted sensor is just a dummy plug in a 95 as it uses the transfer case mounted speed sensor. And what exactly is it doing? Why do you think the trans is limping? Code 18 can set an engine limp mode.

    What transmission will work in a 2006 Chevy Silverado 2500 6.0

    If you're talking about a GM 6 speed, ot would cost a small fortune to make it work. 06 is a gen 3 truck(24x reluctor), and the 6l80/6l90 only communicate with gen 4 controllers(58x reluctor). It can be made to work, but will set you back some coin to do so.

    4L80 loose when cold, tight when warm

    Did he swap the 4l80e into it? Stock they came with a 4l70e. Is it throwing codes? How many miles? Has it been limped? Any power adders on it?

    4l80 swap

    Linkage is different, trans cooler lines hook up differently, and a 94 trans doesn't have the bosses in the case for your nuetral safety backup switch.


    Redheads are CRAP! Don't waste your money. Mine has 16k miles and I have to refill it every 2-3 weeks with fluid, and its getting sloppy already. Then again, it was never right from the get go, and they told me to run it. The problem is mexican rebuilders, or mexican/chinese parts to repair...

    Injector problems for an LLY

    I'm convinced no matter what you do, the problem will come back. I had a friend who is a hot shot driver, even with the GM updated plugs WITH support brackets, he still has problems every 50-60k miles. I pull the plugs apart, remove the pins, clean the green crap out of them, use my term8nal...

    best lifters ?

    For the most part you have mellings and sealed power/federal mogul. In my experience mellings is a far superior lifter to sealed power. GM used mellings for almost all of there oem lifters. I've even bought comp cams lifters that were nothing more than reboxxed mellings. Sealed power on the...

    What transmission will work in a 2006 Chevy Silverado 2500 6.0

    If the cooling lines are different, then its a 96 or older and will not have the 12 o clock mounting bolt hole.

    1998 Fuel Gauge sorta working but not

    Yes. Dual tank trucks use a balance module to control the rear tanks pump to transfer fuel forward, and take both tank fuel readings to output 1 gauge signal output. You can't just leave 1 sender open, it causes the balance module to flip out. I don't know if the pcm is even involved in that...

    2020 GMC HD

    The engine and power isn't the limiter, it's brakes and chassis that are the limiters, and they're all touting ridiculous numbers for 1 ton trucks as is. 35K+ towing is a load for even a 1.5 ton truck, let alone a 1 ton. And the allison was a selling point, not an advantage, hence why they paid...

    Brake upgrades using factory parts for GMT-400(88-00 OBS), and 94-99 DODGE 2500/3500

    No, 6 lug is all the same size calipers. The bigger calipers came on 8 lug single rear wheel trucks.

    What transmission will work in a 2006 Chevy Silverado 2500 6.0

    For a direct bolt in you want a mid 03 or newer 4l80e from behind a 6.0l. As to which ones will work, any 4l80e or 4l85e from 99+ with the extra mounting bolt at 12 o clock will work so long as you run the correct torque converter. Just keep track of what it came out of in case you need parts...

    2020 GMC HD

    Found where somebody posted the gear ratios, and posted up the final drive numbers for them for the allison with 3.73's, and the new "allison" with 3.42's. Not much difference between 6th in the allison vs 10th in the new one, but look at the difference down low. 1st 3.094 - 11.540 2nd 1.809 -...

    2020 GMC HD

    The 4X4 with autotrac most likely won't as I believe it is full time all the time. With the 2 wheel drive, who knows. The 2 wheel drive may be torque limited, it may not. I do know several have complained the traction control never fully shuts off in the newer trucks, so who knows. It's still...

    2020 GMC HD

    Nobody knows yet. The 10r140(Ford)/10l100(GM) has yet to be seen by the average joe. It is a little concerning that GM stayed with the allison 1000 6 speed for the 4500/5500 that they're building with INTERNATIONAL(Navistar's way of getting back at Ford for dropping them for engines). I did read...

    Powermaster alternators

    The cs-130 is stock on the around 90 to 95 6.5's with serp belt, cs-130D for the 96+, and I would strongly reccomend trying for the ad-244 alternator. The cs-144 was the stock high amp unit used on serp belt 6.5's, but the ad-244 uses the same plug as the cs-130d and is a much improved design...

    2020 GMC HD

    Found some info on another site. The 4x4's will be autotrac now instead of just a part time case. Gearing is supposed to be changing to 3.42 with the DURAMAX and the new 10 speed "ALLISON" instead of the old 3.73. Lockup now in 1st gear instead of 2nd+. The rear axle will be a 12" instead of the...

    Risk of running it?

    I use a tech2 so I have no idea on apps to use. If your fluid drops with no visible leaks, check to make sure the transfer case isn't overfilled. The seals going into the transfer case fail and trans fluid runs back in and overfills it until it blows out the output seal and vent.

    1998 Fuel Gauge sorta working but not

    Is this a dual tank truck, or was it at one time and now only has 1 tank? I'm not certain howthe fuel gauge works on a 98+ dual tank truck. I know diesels and earlier trucks had a balance module mounted on the frame rail much like you describe that controlled the transfer pump and fuel gauge.