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Search results

  1. J

    Oil cooler lines.

    Going down, they should go to the vacuum pump. They should also run the Vacuum/ turbo solenoid on the back drivers corner of the engine
  2. J

    Oil cooler lines.

    I am not sure about getting both sets of fittings. Check with Leroy. It seems that I remember getting both sets, but it has been many years ago.
  3. J

    Harmonic balancer

    Just say no to Autozone. For most stuff. Unless they have an ACDelco or you are in terrible need. If the parts are not bad, do not replace them until you have the money to buy the ACDelco or Fluidamper. I think there is also a better engine pulley. Might be available from leroydiesel.com If...
  4. J

    Harmonic balancer

    An inspection camera might come in handy. If you have a smart phone or tablet, they can be purchased pretty reasonably anymore. Seems like they were below $50 for a good one. Handy for many things. I would only use AC Delco or Fluidampr. If yours does not need replacement, I would save for the...
  5. J

    Oil cooler lines.

    Check leroydiesel.com the oil lines are a kit. I do not remember paying $300. Seems like they may have come with both size fitting. 3/8 and 1/2
  6. J

    Oil cooler lines.

    Since yours could be either 3/8 or 1/2", I would ask Leroy how much he would charge for both fittings. I would go with the Fluiampr
  7. J

    Clear valve covers

    I wonder how they would hold up to daily driving
  8. J

    6.5 fishbite

    I just remove them / no replacement necessary as I have ever seen. From what I have seen, removing the OS filter harness can cure an issue and I have never seen running without an OS Filter cause an issue
  9. J

    Project White Knight

    I had 3500 springs on the old 1989 C2500 The truck weighed 8900 on a daily basis. Often more. It never looked like it had anything in it. Even the time I had 2 6.5 complete engines in the back Or 40 cases of shotgun shells in addition to my regular supply of tools
  10. J

    Cracked head. What do you think about it?

    My 94 cc srw also had that fix about 100,000 miles ago. No issues yet
  11. J

    I've decided to do a Cummin's conversion

    Sometimes more than others
  12. J

    My new truck

    Where did you get that handy l;ittle petcock?
  13. J

    4l80E differences???????

    How hard is it to swap the lines
  14. J

    1997 K3500 454 Work Horse

    Hope its a Jasper. Or something with a warranty, A good ahop would stand behind their work.
  15. J

    1997 K3500 454 Work Horse

    Where was the rebuild from? Any possibility of a warranty? I think not = I thought you said it was about 5 years ago
  16. J

    Home Generator Transfer Switch advice

    My tank only has one. Maybe I'll add another.
  17. J

    Home Generator Transfer Switch advice

    A farmer about 15 miles away had a pretty incredible lightening strike. He found out he had his propane tank a little to close to the barn. Big boom when lightening hits a propane tank. Makes me a little nervous about how close my 1000 gallon tank is to the house.
  18. J

    Home Generator Transfer Switch advice

    Price out a whole house unit in Propane. They aren't as expensive as I thought they would be. When it's super cold, sometime propane will frost up, But then everything has issues when it's super cold. It didn't used to bother me to go outside and eal with stuff. Not so much anymore. I'd just...
  19. J

    Time for some rust repair on the Tahoe.

    The wet rag trick should not impede welding. I always kept it in my hand while welding. I also found that being liberal with the anti-spatter seems to help
  20. J

    94 CHEVROLET 1500 4X4 DIESEL 6.5 - $3200

    That's what I do. Just leave things alone and adjust the fan speed. I only touch other buttons if necessary