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Search results

  1. quadstar87

    Catching blow by

    Has anyone come up with a creative catch can setup that can actually separate oil and water from the CDR tube? I just put an HX40 on and want to keep the intake clean but the draft tube is messy and noticeable at idle. I've read the provent can't handle this application. Maybe something from...
  2. quadstar87

    FASS DDRP/DRP Lift Pump Install

    I wrote this on another forum but moving it here to stir up some discussion as well. Goal: Install a complete new fuel system that has enough flow to maintain consistent pressure during the variable demands of a maxxed out DS4 (I do my own tuning) injection pump while maintaining all factory...
  3. quadstar87

    Setting TDCO without buying software

    Time to let the cat out of the bag! I've been working on this for awhile and finally got a prototype working. My end goal is to develop as many of the mode $04 factory diagnostic commands out in TunerPro-RT (freeware). Ever since I had to buy the software when replacing my IP last year, I...
  4. quadstar87

    '94 C1500 Build "Just Because"

    I started this over on DP, but figured I would dabble on TTS too :p My build is "Just Because" ... well, because none of it is necessary, but i'm sure I'll have a blast Here is the checklist: Genuine New Holset WH1C - 12cm turbine Custom wastegate actuator. In-Cab adjustable PTWiring...
  5. quadstar87

    Anyone try to burn this prom chip before?

    I have a couple of these <unnamed> 6.5 prom chips sitting here. Have any of the gurus tried to write tunes to these or is the binary addressing changed that it wouldn't work? I was figuring they just made them this way to use a cheaper setup for mass production but am not sure. The removable...