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Search results

  1. Husker6.5

    4l80E differences???????

    No. Input shaft spline count is different, I believe. Iirc the change came with the 2000 model year. Ferm is the transmission expert.
  2. Husker6.5

    5.7 swap to 6.5 turbo diesel

    The webs are internal reinforcements that go from one side of the block to the other, cast as part of the block, and are also machined to carry half of the crankshaft main bearings and are drilled and tapped so that the main bearing caps can be bolted to them. Every engine, diesel or gas, cast...
  3. Husker6.5

    Service trailer came early boys

    That's why I said better than Plan B!
  4. Husker6.5

    Long, slow build of my truck

    Or spilling your Slurpie on your lap on a good bump!
  5. Husker6.5

    6.5 on Craigslist

    So could accidentally dropping it off the hoist, swinging it into another solid object during removal, or falling over in the back of the vehicle while unsecured. Any way you look at it, be very, very wary and leery of the "history" and condition of this motor. Voice your concerns and offer no...
  6. Husker6.5

    6.5 on Craigslist

    Freeze damage, or possibly the impeller came apart at speed (I saw a Kirby vacuum cleaner do something similar after ingesting a quarter and blowing it out through the side of the metal housing). I would be looking damn close at the freeze plugs in the block for signs of expansion/leakage as...
  7. Husker6.5

    2008 GMC Envoy Denali

    We are the Borg-Warner!
  8. Husker6.5

    Tire difference..

    That's because some of us are old people!
  9. Husker6.5

    Working on a "next-level" fuel system

    AN fittings ROCK! No more double flaring!
  10. Husker6.5

    2008 GMC Envoy Denali

    Resist the urge to fiddle with, modify or alter anything not directly related to the project at hand!
  11. Husker6.5

    No Moog Front bushings for Forged LCAs

    That is a silicone-based grease. Essentially the same thing as silicone dielectric grease. Whenever I replace the shot rubber sway bar bushings on vehicles with poly, I always coat the inside of the bushing before slipping it over the sway bar for two reasons. First, yes to prevent squeaking...
  12. Husker6.5

    2008 GMC Envoy Denali

    Plenty of room in there to drop in a P400! LOL!
  13. Husker6.5

    P400 for sale on ebay

    Money talks, hesitation walks.
  14. Husker6.5

    2008 GMC Envoy Denali

    Unicorns and wizzards? HAH! More like orcs and balrogs!
  15. Husker6.5

    Offroad toy?

    Previous repeated driving with TA-50 on tends to do that to the seats.
  16. Husker6.5

    DS4 going to become obselete?

    So, does this mean that the ability to get/do remans on our old pumps is no more?
  17. Husker6.5


    It's also quite possible (and more likely based on my own head woes on my 94 over a decade ago) that the heads cracked, PO added a stop leak (like Bars Leak, etc) to the cooling system which, didn't correct what was causing the head overheating issue (dirty/plugged up cooling stack, running hard...
  18. Husker6.5


    @REB What year is your truck again? Please fill out your signature with all the pertinent information, year, model, transmission, rear ratio, etc. Cracking between the intake and exhaust valve seats is VERY common up through early '96 when GM finally tried to address the head overheating and...
  19. Husker6.5

    Service trailer came early boys

    Better than Plan B, an external hasp and padlock!