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Search results

  1. J

    Scratch & Dent BMW M3

    What you see, is what you get . . . https://jalopnik.com/now-this-is-how-you-sell-an-e36-m3-1831849307
  2. J

    Home Generator Transfer Switch advice

    Ah, so the cable company / telco did not want to do any work seeing as their line was good on what was left of the old pole. Nice . . . There are a few poles around me that have a compromised base where they were 'fixed' by way of sistering some planks to them. Again, Nice . . .
  3. J

    Tire difference..

    Presuming you decide to adjust the VSSB for the new diameter, there is one thing to note when following the adjustment procedures. The procedures are missing a final step. Specifically, go through them to calculate the pin-out for the new jumper sequence. *BUT* the final and correct sequence...
  4. J

    GDI & Carbon Build-Up on the Intake Valves

    Ferm, just re-read your post and originally read the vacuum effects backward . . . So, by working with a tuner to re-map the intake pressure to minimize the vacuum, this might help prevent the carbon build-up? Aside, I was surprised to see a charged system want to run with vacuum as (to me)...
  5. J

    6.5L Newbie

    If you can find the OE heavy duty system (known by its RPO code of K47), that is the easiest to drop-in and works great. If you can get all the plumbing up to the compressor, that is a bonus. But at a minimum get the box and connector to the fender (so that you get cold air). S&B is known for...
  6. J

    GDI & Carbon Build-Up on the Intake Valves

    Interesting point about the effects of vacuum. Thanks Ferm! The GDI rig I am running now does stay in vacuum when not under load. Perhaps this is why that motor is known for going 150K+ miles without the carbon build-up causing any real issues other than its mere presence. I was tempted to...
  7. J

    GDI & Carbon Build-Up on the Intake Valves

    Am presuming that the deeper experts here are already familiar with the carbon issue in GDI motors. Seeing as diesels are not experiencing the issue and are pretty much the same from the air intake perspective, any thoughts on / experience with why gassers are seeing carbon build-up where the...
  8. J

    TTS Newbie & 1st Diesel

    One cautionary note. Use care in handling the inner fender as I had read where those whom are less attentive tend to cut their fingers.
  9. J

    TTS Newbie & 1st Diesel

    Best to stick with Bosch or AC Delco. The ones from SS are great for about a year and are are known for working great in trucks where the computer *disables the alternator* when the GP's are hot. There is a known issue with the SS GP's in GMT400's (your) truck as alternator applies 14+ volts...
  10. J

    Engine Paint

    X-2. I am on the hunt for a solution that Dodge is using: inconel. I chatted with the owner of Advanced Thermal Products (atpwrap.com) that nobby mentioned and he only had Dodge (and marine) solutions. Am currently trying to reach-out again for another project to source the inconel material...
  11. J

    Diesel engine supplement from owners manual

    FWIW. I bought one from a dealer ~5 - 6 years ago. Do not remember the cost, but recall that it was not abnormally expensive. Only reason I bought the diesel supplement was that I could not find online.
  12. J

    Time for some rust repair on the Tahoe.

    Ya know . . . If you keep spending too much time with the 'projects', the missus might start seeing them in the same light as a mistress ;) If anything, make sure you clean-up well as she can easily smell when you've been play-in :D
  13. J

    TTS Newbie & 1st Diesel

    All indicators are that the GP's are a problem, so that is one thing that needs to get fixed ;) X-2 on getting a video on the popping sound which will make diagnosis from our side of the Internet a little easier . . . Also, highly recommend getting software (like AutoEngenuity) or a CKO Tech...
  14. J

    Goodbye California Bi-Annual Smog Checks

    Big T: CONGRATULATIONS! Now you can get rid of taht GM-X turbo and the vacuum pump!!! :) :) :) From Big T's reporting of the smog process and observations from others in terms of applying it to vehicles, makes me wonder why the Fed's have not invalidated Kalifornia's process as it basically is...
  15. J

    8.1 to 5.3 swap

    By the way . . . Welcome to TTS! :D
  16. J

    TTS Newbie & 1st Diesel

    Given the report that the truck was grumpy to start at 40* F and then seemed to run normally once it lit, I'd focus on the GP system. On a semi-related note, avoid the temptation to energize the glow plugs while using a battery charger as not all GP's play well at the higher voltage level. If...
  17. J

    Savana Camper project II

    Agree, this might prove a better path than re-twork the 6.5. A buddy has a 6.0 gas with the 6 speed tranny in his motor-coach (about the same size vehicle as this project). That rig is getting 12 mpg at 55 mph running up and down the East Coast.
  18. J

    TTS Newbie & 1st Diesel

    Checking glow plugs is done by resistance (not voltage). I forget what the correct Ohm's value range is and seem to recall that it is dependent on manufacturer. A reading of 0 (blown) or 1 (shorted / fouled ) are definitely bad. Or, just get a new set of GP's and GP controller if the budget...
  19. J

    Savana Camper project II

    Nope. It will not see pending codes. Probably not see real-time data from the ECM either. Presuming you are keeping the DS4, getting one that can individually disable injectors is useful for diagnosis. Why? Or, put another way, more boost as compared to what? More boost means more heat...
  20. J

    Savana Camper project II

    About 4 hours away from you in Blufton. Hilton Head Automotive. In my case, the Burb had the cracked 'T' heater hose. They even drove to Home Depot to try and find something without charge to me. Fix came when one of their mechanics (reportedly) pulled the one out of his truck so that I...