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Search results

  1. WarWagon

    97.5 H1 Hummer 6.5TD need help

    If it won't start with the OPS unplugged it may not be seeing the crank sensor. You got skills to probe those wires with a scope at ECM connection. It's just a pulse. The ECM and sensors ground on the engine by the trans dipstick for pickups, idk on Hummers - ground scope to engine after you...
  2. WarWagon

    P400 for sale on ebay

    We would love a project thread for that prespective. Difference between "classic" and "antique"...
  3. WarWagon


    You don't have to loose much fluid for no brakes. The dust seal on calipers can hide it as well as drums blown wheel cyl. Ice from wet fluid ?
  4. WarWagon

    97.5 H1 Hummer 6.5TD need help

    The OPS test is for wires and ECM at this point. A compression tester would answer some questions and eliminate low compression as the cause or ... I believe it's the top middle connection for OPS.
  5. WarWagon

    97.5 H1 Hummer 6.5TD need help

    Can you do a longer video? Do you have compression test tools? I am on this road of several pumps before compression test indicated bad pump bent all the valves during overspeed. I second @ak diesel driver for testing the OPS. Cut to chase... Do you have a spare ECM or buddy with an...
  6. WarWagon


    Clogged return from the hydrobooster will keep the pedal on the floor. Brake light on is likely switch saying half of the system has major leak. Ripped off brake line, blown seal, etc. You should have front or rear working unless the MC failed 100% and that's possible. So is completely ripping...
  7. WarWagon

    P400 for sale on ebay

    PayPal Credit and get 6 months to find the money... :greedy: Edit: Oh wait one of those krap "cash only" deals on eBay with no protection from PayPal etc. Let alone PayPal credit that *cough* some of us use for engines... Yes, there IS a reason the owner of PayPal is launching rockets that...
  8. WarWagon

    05 LLY injector knock PLEASE HELP

    Have you verified the air in fuel is F I X E D!? What lift pump did you put on? New parts don't mean good parts so new injectors are what exactly? Rebuilt, eBay, virgin new... I mean the word "new" means rebuilt a lot of times due to cost of new and other marketing garbarage.
  9. WarWagon

    6.5 on Craigslist

    Starter mount could be broken - take a look at the starter mount... Engine mounts could be broken clean out from wreck. What's behind the water pump - you know this from the teardown you did. Last couple of Elk Ole Patch slaughtered pounded the water pump shaft into the timing case cover. Behind...
  10. WarWagon

    Oil leaking down on starter

    That will slow the rust down. Check the oil level often...
  11. WarWagon

    Vortec 454 Rebuild options

    You posted the price diffrence in gas vs. diesel... Rev it up when needed. I do agree you don't want to leave a gas engine wound up longer than necessary.
  12. WarWagon

    Tire difference..

    That is Old School! :woot:
  13. WarWagon

    Home Generator Transfer Switch advice

    Getting some bids to do the project. Here is a snapped power pole from last year 2018 Monsoon season that put the lights out for 3.5 hrs at my place. Yeah new pole next to it...
  14. WarWagon

    Vortec 454 Rebuild options

    I borrow a stock 1993 454 now and then. Mainly to run it through emissions as a favor for a friend. It's a dog that is always out of fuel. However it's got near 200K on the original engine and not near the trouble of the 6.2/6.5 to "keep alive". Dog = Patch with the lowly 6.2TD (Uh... nothing...
  15. WarWagon

    Best air filter set up on 6.5

    Or did you blow a turbo seal? Some oil is normal from a CDR, yes but lots is a concern.
  16. WarWagon

    Best air filter set up on 6.5

    And I thought these smelled bad on the outside! Modern EPA oil for DPF diesels, you can't hardly get anything else, stinks especially after an oil change. We don't have an intercooler that oil would insulate so it really doesn't hurt to leave the CDR in place. I am considering putting a CDR on...
  17. WarWagon

    Bringing 1993 Patch back from the dead...

    The above is "before" head pics. After Diesel Head machine shop got done. New valve springs and valves. The valve stem seals were so much fun on my last project I was happy to let the shop deal with that. The machine shop noted they had to cut the exhaust valve seats twenty thousands for the...
  18. WarWagon

    Used Engine

    Sorry I spoke too soon. @Will L. and I traded pictures of a 6.5 crank and checked out the rear main seal difference. I have a 6.2 and old one at that. (That will not work.) Old 6.2's have 2 piece rope rear main seal. Newer 6.2's and all 6.5's have the 1 piece rear main. See pics of what I have...
  19. WarWagon

    Vortec 454 Rebuild options

    If you get a low mileage drop in maybe it has a good intake that you need. As you are going to swap cams a reman isn't a good value as it could be. Warranty concerns for major mods like that on a reman.
  20. WarWagon

    Rear axle seal replacement

    You can imagine my surprise after tearing the hub with drum off my 1995 3/4t burb for the first time and the hub fell out of the drum when I set it on the floor. No I didn't have to pull the axel to work on them...