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Search results

  1. SlowBoat

    FYI on Engine Bay Fuse Box

    In preparation for the install of my new P T Wiring Solutions battery cable upgrade, I discovered something that I've overlooked for a couple of years. The battery cable upgrade has a new lead going to the fuse box connection on the left rear horizontal 'stud'. This is something that I've...
  2. SlowBoat

    Trying a B&W Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch

    I've been using a B&W Turnover ball hitch for gooseneck pulling for a while. I like it. I added some additional mounting bolts in the frame mount to fill some available holes that were there. This pulled the mount snug along the frame rails. The bed was off due to damage from an...
  3. SlowBoat

    Fuel system maintenance after a breakdown

    Well, I got bit. Was loaded up at a site with a fifth wheel trailer, warming up to pull out for the trip home and my 6.5L just quit. Turned over just fine but no start. No fuel to upper filter. Folks there carried me to a parts store, no Walbro pumps in stock, and I wasn't about to give $185...
  4. SlowBoat

    2001 GM 8.1 typical life expectancy?

    Looking at a 2001 Chevy C3500HD 5spd former propane powered propane company service truck. The propane unit has just been removed from it. The transmission has been rebuilt about 6 months ago before the truck was replaced with a new one. Engine performs well. The overall condition of the...
  5. SlowBoat

    Semi FTB mod makes for improvement

    Time constraints forced me into a quick workaround on my FTB upgrade. A rusty fuel return line at the tank sending unit was causing me grief with a leak and the sending unit replacement showed up some iffy steel lines and flexible lines that needed attention, with no time to wait on ordering...
  6. SlowBoat

    The reason you don't slash a fuel filter to get home, or what was he thinking?

    Been looking at a 99 3500 w 6.5L that's been sitting a while. The owner said it just kept getting slower and slower till it wouldn't do anything but idle in neutral. The fuel filter manager filter was supposedly replaced on the road by a mechanic who charged him $100 for the repair and let him...
  7. SlowBoat

    97 GMC free wheeling fan clutch leads to upgrades

    Had my fan clutch go into free wheel mode on long curvy 2 lane grade with traffic backed up till I made it to a pull off. Let the engine idle with hood up while dash temp gauge dropped from indicated 230 back down to 185. A good 30 minutes with the fan jerking into motion now and again...
  8. SlowBoat

    Stock fuel pump croaked, installed a Walbro

    I recently installed a new PMD behind the bumper with a kit from Leroy Diesel after a total failure. Solved all my problems so I thought. I was moving some equipment from the pasture to the shop and had shut down outside the building. Finished up unloading and the Sierra 3500 wouldn't fire...
  9. SlowBoat

    Flo-Pro Brand exhaust?

    Has anyone got any experience with their turbo back w/muffler system for the 6.5L? I'm shopping for my 1997 GMC 3500 CC Dually. This is the system that Alligator Performance is selling now for this model truck, and I've not found anyone using it with the search engine. I've noticed good...