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  1. D

    P400 In The '95 K2500

    This thread is several years past due, so I hope to get it caught up to speed quicker than the build took in real time. I was going through a divorce and career change around the same time, which put posting everything here on the back burner. In some ways it feels that the build is still...
  2. D

    Air lock?

    It's way too late for posting on the east coast, but I had to tow the truck home with the tractor and could use some guidance. I spent the past week/ 2 weekends swapping transmissions and fuel tanks on my truck. Finished tonight just after midnight. Only brought a 5 gallon can of diesel to...
  3. D

    Hard Shifting NV4500, less than 2 years on clutch

    I'm pulling the tranny this weekend to swap in a new one, but wanted to post here in case I'm missing anything before tearing into it and can't get parts after hours. Last April I did a new clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, fork, fork pivot, and slave cylinder. Clutch was NAPA brand...
  4. D

    Transfer Case Shot, or Just Bad Actuator?

    Howdy gang, So out of nowhere, at a very inconvenient time, my 4WD decided to stop working. Short history: T- case is original as far as I know. Drained and filled with new fluid last April. 4WD worked last Friday. Topped off gear oil in front diff as I had a long day of hauling ahead of me...
  5. D

    1995 K2500 Lower Control Arm Replacement Part Available?

    I want to replace the passenger side lower control arm on my truck. The area where the ball joint gets pressed in is so worn that ball joints don't stay in anymore. Shops have been welding them in for me, but too often than not the idiot doing the job doesn't take the grease fitting orientation...
  6. D

    1992 6.5 takeout w/ 4L80E & NP241 3k obo

    Found this on craigslist about an hour from me, figured someone may be interested in it especially the trans as it seems early model years are not interchangeable with newer ones https://rochester.craigslist.org/pts/d/rochester-65-detroit-diesel/7341768448.html if the link expires the listed...
  7. D

    Play in steering after rebuild and adjustment

    Howdy gang, As the thread implies, I've got some sloppy steering and could use some guidance. Long story short, my Saginaw 800 box was leaking from the pitman shaft. I pulled the box, and when trying to remove the seals trashed the pitman shaft bearing. Since I could only find the bearing in a...
  8. D

    Dash lights out, no power at fuse 14

    Turned on my lights today and the illumination lights for the cluster aren't on. All dummy lights on the cluster work, high and low beams work fine. I had this happen once before, and noticed a bad connection at the headlight switch. Jiggling the connection fixed it temporarily and I forgot...
  9. D

    ABS light on, No ABS codes?

    As the title states, My ABS light is on, but when using GMTDScan Tech, the only DTCs I get are 46 and 88 I know DTC 88 is related to TDCO, that's another story for another thread. Thought a local mechanic with the correct scanner set the timing, but according to Scan Tech actual and desired...
  10. D

    Trying to time DS4, Can't connect to PCM...help!

    As the title implies, I'm attempting to set the timing on my 1995 K2500 OBD-1. I purchased the GMTD Scan Tech software and 12-pin to USB cable and have everything installed and connected. When I attempt to connect, the following is displayed: Initializing communication (green light) COM3 Port...
  11. D

    My oil pan just blew up

    Howdy all, So I'm driving home from town, just crested the top of a hill and I hear a sound like something is dragging. I pull over, engine is still running, and turn it off. Look underneath and oil is leaking everywhere. I then see that the starter is completely blown to bits. This is what I...
  12. D

    Power Steering Pump Reservoir

    Hello all, I've discovered a leak on a hard line coming out the back of the power steering pump reservoir, the one that is part of the whole assembly, i.e. not threaded in. My question is- is it possible to buy just a new reservoir? In all my searches, you can either buy just the pump...
  13. D

    Help Identifying an EPROM chip

    Hi Everyone, First post here, but been browsing the forums for the past two years. Grateful for the wealth of information archived here. I purchased the truck in my sig in the spring of 2016, and it came with an extra tune. I was told by the owner that the truck currently has a "buddy" chip in...