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Search results

  1. Husker6.5

    Now HERE'S a project that many of you have seen!

    You know where I'll be Saturday morning! And yes, it's painted in Speedway's Purple and Yellow racing colors that I remember them using on their Sprint and Stock cars as a lad back in the 1960's and was used on Speedway's Indy 500 car, driven by sprint driver legend Jan Opperman, back in the...
  2. Husker6.5

    Unbelievable Real Barn Find!

    How about a 1979 'Smokey and the Bandit Edition' TransAm with 35 certified miles on the odometer and all the factory/dealership stickers in the window!?!? Found in a barn in Michigan, along with a '70 Chevelle and a '46 Willys! The TransAm now resides in Lincoln, NE at Restore a Muscle Car...
  3. Husker6.5

    GM LT5 no more! R.I.P.!

    GM's latest announcement, the Corvette 755hp LT5 was a one-off, C7-only motor to no longer be produced or available as a crate motor. But, don't despair, big and better powerplants are rumored to be in the works for the soon to be debuted Corvette C8 and Special Edition Zora and E-Ray...
  4. Husker6.5

    Goodness, gracious 3bals RV a-fire!

    Breaking sad news. Just received a message from Jody @3bals as to why he didn't make it into Lincoln yesterday evening on he and his wife's vacation. At MM74 on I-80 in Iowa yesterday afternoon there was a fire in the engine compartment of his P-30 chassis-based motorhome that quickly spread...
  5. Husker6.5

    A bit of good news for those who like to fabricate their own fuel/hydraulic systems or body mods

    This just announced by Lincoln's Speedway Motors, the largest supplier of parts for the racing, street rod and antique hotrod restoration market. Their stuff is also great for fabbing up new fuel systems, etc, on our 6.5's when upgrading. Cheaper than Summit...
  6. Husker6.5

    4L80E GM Goodwrench reman question

    Hey there resident transmission experts like @THEFERMANATOR , I have a question concerning GM Goodwrench remanufactured transmissions. I purchased a Goodwrench 4L80E 4WD, with torque converter, out of '99 K2500 7.4L Suburban with only 30,000 miles on it that was remanufactured back in 2012...
  7. Husker6.5

    Son of Frankenburb?

  8. Husker6.5

    Here's something you don't see every day. . .

    Pulled up in front of my neighbor's house yesterday.
  9. Husker6.5

    Near Deadly Unit Bearing Carnage

    This occured Friday on my daughter's 2002 Dodge Dakota 2wd. She said she heard a loud screetching sound followed by a sudden lurch to the left as the left front end dropped and it headed into the curb of the median. She was able to keep it fairly straight and brought it to a stop from 45 mph on...
  10. Husker6.5

    01-04 Duramax inter cooler mounted into the front of 95-99 platform.

    I've tried using thread search, but keep coming up with the thread for the top of engine mounted inter cooler and custom scooped hood. I could have sworn I saw a thread on this forum (if not this one perhaps a different forum, and if so, could some one point me to that one?) about...
  11. Husker6.5

    Can you put a 6L90E into a 4L80E '98 K2500 Suburban 6.5TD?

    Like the title says, what would it take to put a 6L90E in place of the 4L80E in my '98 K2500 Suburban 6.5TD? I know the transmission will bolt up to the engine, standard GM bolt pattern, but what other mechanical mods would be necessary ie: cross member, front/rear drive shafts, adapting the...
  12. Husker6.5

    How to Divorce Your DRL Function From Your Low Beams and Make Them Separate Functions

    This will work on any '96+ CMT 800 series GM with DRL Low Beams. I just did a DRL bypass on my '98 Suburban so that I could run 50W 5000K HID H1 projector Low Beams on the headlight switch only, while letting separate Hi Intensity LEDS act as as my DRL's. It was fairly easy to do once you...
  13. Husker6.5

    Redirected discussion from the MaxxTorque article in 6.5 Performance

    Ahh, but NOT if I'm running biodiesel and used tranny fluid! I'll just brew some biodiesel at my cousin's in L.A., hit up some shops for used ATF, and tool my way back home for $1 a gallon.
  14. Husker6.5

    4L80E TCC Unlocking defies logic

    Ok, '98 K2500 Suburban LT, 198K on odometer, tranny never rebuilt as far as I know, last fluid flush unknown. Fluid condition shows signs of overheating in past, no signs of "floaters" on dipstick, but doesn't mean there aren't any in the fluid. Hesitant to have a full system flush done at...