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Search results

  1. Will L.

    An electrical issue

    You need to separate all the batteries, then do a load test on each one. I have been using this harbor freight tester for like 25 years- don’t bother with a more expensive one. https://www.harborfreight.com/100a-612v-battery-load-tester-61747.html If one battery is low or bad, it will drain and...
  2. Will L.

    Coolant leak

    Learning how to weld, braze, solder is NOT something to do on a radiator. You need about a years experience to weld a radiator properly at best. For braze or soldering a minimum of 6 months before attempting a radiator. The only exception would be if you went to a junkyard and grabbed a dozen...
  3. Will L.

    TCM and Internal Harness fail.

    The shielded wire is both a learning curve the automotive industry is going through, and penny pinching making it worse. In the rest of the electrical world learned the hard way so ALWAYS have an insulation jacket over the shielding to protect it. But that extra layer of insulation raises the...
  4. Will L.

    Actual, honest, real world MPG from your 6.5

    It depends if you want to spend little cash and have manual control or spend more money and use solenoids. You know I am all about simplistic mechanical instead of more expensive electric stuff. the way the central tire inflation system on hummers work is a good example of how to do it. If...
  5. Will L.

    Does anyone know how to R&R 6.5 and 6.2 in block oil pressure relief valves?

    Sorry, I usually have the machinist pop them out. real4wd.com is where I got my last ones. I am no where near my books/papers that have the part numbers. But you might check with Chris- see if he can get them too.
  6. Will L.

    Coolant reservoir tank

    Options: Blown head gasket Cracked head Cracked block nurse it, keep temps low and plan on new engine. Do ask tons of questions before buying anything anywhere. Massive rip off places out there. Can you do labor yourself ? If you EVER had the temp at 230 or above- expect heads cracked AT...
  7. Will L.

    Dead Injection Pump on '96 GMC K2500?

    Running out of time doesn’t just mean loss of a little power and a little mpg. If slightly advanced it will eat up glow plugs and increase piston slap, maybe smacking the piston skirt against the cylinder wall more frequently. This is more pronounced on our idi than modern pistons that have...
  8. Will L.

    Throttle sensor ,ground or ecm !??? Please help if anybody else has had this problem

    Welcome. Have you tried your spare pmd? replace the 1/4” fuel return line with clear tubing and have someone cranking while you watch the fuel flow for debris or bubbles. Please space out your typing a little bit, it makes reading it easier for everyone on phones- which is most folks. If you...
  9. Will L.

    remove rear brake drum chev cheyenne 1989

    First, You have to back of the brake shoes through the oval hole on the backing plate. Then depending which axle you have, the next step is different. This might get you there, if not because you have a floating axle or something-post pictures of what you have.
  10. Will L.

    Opinion? Anyone use one of those clamptite hose clamp tools

    It works really well. Under the hood is impossible in certain locations. It is perfect for things like garden hose, air compressor hose, etc
  11. Will L.

    Thinking of pulling the plug on my 6.2.

    Correct. Many folks forget the first 6.2 that were out was something like 130hp and 240 torque. So the first od trans that often failed- wasn’t happy with that power.
  12. Will L.

    1994 Chevy silverado 6.5 3500 turbo diesel dually not running yet ben sitting under shelter for 13 years has about 69 thousand miles on it

    Only thing to add is replacing the ip return fuel line with clear tubing. It is 1/4” diameter, about 6” long, sold by the foot at any hardware store. It is not rated as fuel line, so you will have to replace it in about 5 years. But cheap and easy. With lift pump on and key on, as well as engine...
  13. Will L.

    Emmott's Initiation

    True. I am being unfair to say it is frequent. It is just too frequent IN MY OPINION, for something that could have been addressed for less than a dollar in production cost. Many are solved with a single bolt, or a roll pin. And it isn’t Melling that decided to cheap out it was GM...
  14. Will L.

    Emmott's Initiation

    Yeah- it always amazed me that gm doesn’t do more for them.
  15. Will L.

    Thinking of pulling the plug on my 6.2.

    A ton of guys go from the th400 to a 4l80e or 700r4 if power isn’t too high and the mpg savings is quite noteworthy. If a person puts 100,000 miles on the set up it definitely pays for itself. But years of reliable service from th350&th400- means I absolutely love them. I really with they...
  16. Will L.

    Something new?

  17. Will L.

    Nissan/Cummins 5.0 V8 diesel

    :shame:Well- none of you drive on public roads so it’s ok
  18. Will L.

    Emmott's Initiation

    Yeah- this IS common. Not just for this engine. Absolutely worth taking to someone that can tig it in place if you can’t. Remember when installing a screen to set the depth by rotating the tube in the pump, then make a ‘timing mark’ by scoring across the tube and the pump. My concern with...
  19. Will L.

    Something new?

    I don’t do the studies and verify what’s right and wrong. I just see the reports and take my best guess as to which make sense and which doesn’t. I saw the amount of corn produced for fuel, and the amount of corn needed to be produced for finishing off the production desires laid out by...
  20. Will L.

    Stuck in 2nd gear

    See if your throttle pedal has only electrical wires or linkage/ cable from it. That tells us also. You can post pics to.