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Search results

  1. J

    6.5L Cloyes Timing chain and gears C-3097

    Cloyes Timing chain and gears C-3097 73114 I assume this is for a 6.5 diesel Is anybody interested? I have no idea what to ask for it. Open to offers. https://www.amazon.com/Cloyes-C3097-3-Piece-Set/dp/B000C0AJRW
  2. J

    Craigslist Air Dog air fuel preperator

    Does this have a water seperator in it? I see it has a drain. Looks like it has a built in lift pump. I haven't looked at the 2016 Ford. Do they come with a lift pump or are they like the Duramaxs and suck from the injection pump? Would this be what we would want for the 2016 Ford Superduty...
  3. J

    Looking for a diesel garden tractor or skid loader capable of hooking up a mower deck

    I sold the 1980 25 hp. John Deere 400 garden tractor I am looking for something to replace it with. I was thinking a 20 hp minimum diesel minimum. Preferably hydrostat. Rear pto and 3 point are a must for a garden tractor. This morning while looking around I saw some skid loaders for sale...
  4. J

    Replacing the intake.

    Is there a good thread on replacing the intake? I know I have done it several times before, but I don't remeber nothin. LOL Must be the oldtimers. Found this. Posted, but not written by me.
  5. J

    6.5L 1995 6.5 diesel Tahoe

    $800 as it sits. Has Fluidampr I drove it in the shed about 4 years ago for F intake, injectors and rocker buttons. It has sat ever since. I am starting to work on it now. I need it out of My way, one way or another. Kind of curious if it will start after I get it back together.. Will...
  6. J

    6.5L Flying J Feed The Beast kit

    I have a Flying J Feed the Beast kit I was going to install on the 95 Tahoe. I tried looking up the price. Couldn't find it. I am open to offers. Just getting to putting the Tahoe back together enough to see ifvit will start after sitting for 4? Years. I also have several Moog front end...
  7. J

    Other 16' tri-axle grain dump 20,000 lb gooseneck

    1974 16' tri-axle grain dump 20,000 lb. Winnebago gooseneck. New brakes all around, new group 78 Dual Terminal battery, 12 volt motor for pump. I was keeping my eye out for a 20ft grain dump bed to make it more useful as a flatbed. $4100
  8. J

    Other Radix soft side hunting blind on I beam frame with axle

    We bought this last year and set it up. If things don't change, I won't be using it next year. We only built the first section of tower. The I beam frame adds a couple feet to height. It has new Load range E tires - snowmobile trailer size. Requires 2-5/16" ball. $1200. Will consider...
  9. J

    Left battery tray 1996 - 1998 6.5 diesel

    I am looking to buy. A Left battery tray 1996 - 1998 6.5 diesel. Does anybody have one to sell or know of an aftermarket to buy? I never seem to make it to the junk yard. The junk yard that I did not mind going to closed.
  10. J

    98 K3500 6.5 diesel auction

    Sealed bid auction from a local fire department. I tried to copy and paste but it wouldn't let me.
  11. J

    Fuel pressure gauge thread.

    I have always wished there was a fuel pressure gauge kit to buy. Coupled with a Feed the beast kit would be great. Or at least a complete parts list with links. This from the other thread might be a good start. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/atm-2661
  12. J

    Front window guides 1998 Ford F150

    I installed a new drivers side front window regulator on my grandsons ride. The window binds going up and down. It looks like the runners inside the door are bent or something. The window comes out in places on the front guide. If I take the bottom bolt out of the rear guide it move the...
  13. J

    2016 F250 Crew cab short bed 4x4 Platinum, 56,000 miles

    2016 F250 Crew cab short bed 4x4 Platinum, 56,000 miles Seeking advice on what to do as far Disaster prevention. I've had a miserable couple days trying to search and read - the computer has been super slow when it was moving at all. I have the Exergy Metering valve to install. I also want to...
  14. J

    Has anybody made, used or bought a pull behind Propane weed burner?

    Has anybody made, used or bought a pull behind Propane weed burner? Looking for advice a disent. Maybe specifics on what it takes to set one up. I would assume you would need a manifold, a regulator, something to prevent backflash and ignitors. I would think a field cultivator frame or...
  15. J

    Max Mileage

    Has anybody used this? I would be concerned about the Not Safe for plastics thing. There's a lot of plastics in new fuel systems https://pittsburghpower.com/products/max-mileage-fuel-borne-catalyst?fbclid=IwAR2jLPeLE5DTNfsg6bXo7xYcr9vnj7_bc_i2Myu_IbbEtd3Xz1FhXeYWtoM
  16. J

    Looking for a 4 door rust free 06 or 07 DEF free Duramax or a nice 6.5

    Looking for a 4 door, 4x4 rust free 06 or 07 DEF free Duramax or a nice 6.5 WhaT SHOULD i BE LOOKING OUT FOR? I don't know squat about Duramaxs. What upgrades would I want or should I look for? I've seen a few with close to or less than 100,000 miles. What can they be bought for? Any links...
  17. J

    1994 K3500 no start

    We went for a 2 hour cruise, came home parked and had a no start. 5,000 miles on the last oil change with Mobile1 5W40 Diesel oil. 310,000 miles on the engine At the hit of the key the engine spun at normal speed, but only for a second. Usually about all it takes to start. Then it would act...
  18. J

    Other I have a bunch of Caplugs to sell. 4 cents each - volume discount. I would sell all for $220 shipped. I have about 3,700 L-12 Yellow. I believe this

    I have a bunch of Caplugs to sell. 4 cents each - volume discount. I would sell all for $220 shipped. I have about 3,700 L-12 Yellow. I believe this is the size to plug the injector hole in a 6.5 diesel block About 4,700 T-11 Yellow.I believe this is the size for the bottom of a GM 6.5 Diesel...
  19. J

    Does anybody here know old John Deere 4010 deisel tractors?

    I have a 1963 John Deere 4010 diesel wide front 24 volt. It was/is making a hydraulic noise. We pretty much have it narrowed down to the front pump. The couplers looked good. The front hydraulic pump seems upside down. It would have been running this way a long time I was going to try...
  20. J

    1996 K1500 6.5 diesel Suburban No start

    1996 K1500 6.5 diesel Suburban No start about 360,000 miles My daughter's Suburban 30 miles away She said when she hits the key the glow plug light cycles correctly but when she goes to start. Nothing happens. No click or anything. Any likely ideas? Maybe fuse, starter relay Not sure if the...