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Search results

  1. Marauderer

    Cooling Problems on my 2007 2500 LBZ

    It started early last year whenever ambient got over 80*F coolant temps start really going up while towing a 10K load. So, what I have done to date is flush the radiator, replaced the coolant, added water wetter, replaced the standard thermostats with the lower temp ones ( I used Mishimoto's)...
  2. Marauderer

    Something is slipping in 5th or and 6th

    When towing my Travel trailer last weekend I noticed that going up hills on I-85 that the trans would slip. It did not throw any codes. When it started to slip I would immediately back off the throttle and reengage and sometimes it would hold and sometimes it would break loose again. I am...
  3. Marauderer

    Palomino Puma 29 FQS Travel Trailer

    My wife and I have been looking for a travel trailer for a while and she hasn't wanted one. Scroll forward a bit and she has decided she wants a dog, A Rat Dog!! Really it is a miniature Poodle Red color. We travel several times a year and sometimes our Daughter and her dog goes with us...
  4. Marauderer

    LBZ Code P0678 Glow Plug Controller Error

    It started last Monday at 6am. I went to start the Truck, it was 2?*F outside, and at the end of the 3 sec glow plug on before start the glow plug light stayed on and I waited another 3 sec and then started the Truck and the glow plug light on on the dash went out but, I had a CEL by then. The...
  5. Marauderer

    FASS T C10 150GPH Titanium Series Lift Pump Installation in an 07 GMC LBZ

    I have ordered a FASS T C10 150G - 150GPH Titanium Series for 2006-10 GM 6.6L Duramax. I looked at the Air Dog II 165 and The FASS Titanium 150 Lift Pumps and decided on the FASS because the water separator and the fuel filter on the Air Dog II is more proprietary than the FASS. The FASS can...
  6. Marauderer

    Topper for my Truck!!

    I have come to a point where I need more room when I travel but, I would prefer not to tow a trailer if I don't have to. I travel about eight weeks a year at one week intervals and currently I fill the bed (have a tonnau cover) and the back seat of the cab. I now have a requirement to carry...
  7. Marauderer

    Thermostat Replacement

    I was at my friends place a couple of weekends ago and he had a Tech II so we put it on my truck to see if it had any issues that I wasn't aware of. One of the things that was noticed was the engine was very slow to warm up and was running 10-15*F under where it was suppose to. I had noticed...
  8. Marauderer

    SSBC 14.5" Brake Rotors

    I am considering this upgrade as it can use the factory calipers. Has anyone tried these new rotors? or know someone who has them?
  9. Marauderer

    Alligator Performance Transmission Coolant hoses Kit Installation

    Let me first say there are real nice quality other kits on the market but I think this one is unique and so far I really like it. Out of the box the kit looks like this. As usual you have to start somewhere and I started by removing the grille. On the GMC there is one bolt and six...
  10. Marauderer

    Prodigy P-3 Controller has a short to Battery when it rains

    Does anyone know if there is a common place for this short.
  11. Marauderer

    Engine Mounts and TC Mount

    I have been looking for threads on the installation of new mounts and haven't fount any. I am getting a lot of vibration starting in third gear under full throttle and checked my TC mount and it is really loose and sloppy. So i figure I will change out the mounts and see what it does. Has...
  12. Marauderer

    PPE Tie Rod sleeves

    I installed my TR sleeves today and I am not impressed. I understand the principle behind the sleeve but they just aren't impressive. Anyone else running TR Sleeves that will speak up??
  13. Marauderer

    No New Post in this Forum in 2.5 Weeks

    Now I know the LLY/LBZ motors are really good but not perfect. Is everyone on vacation? Or is no one having any problems with their motor? How many of you guys think the left exhaust manifold is a significant restriction and needs to be addressed. Are the internal of the LBZ motor good...
  14. Marauderer

    Use for Stock Down Pipe and Heat Shield

    Being a certified pack rat and not wanting to get rid of anything can anyone think of an actual use for these components other that paper weights or John boat anchors??
  15. Marauderer

    Changing Rear Diff fluid

    I have read the archives and looked around but, I have a few questions. 1. I don't plan on pulling the diff cover. I will use my Pella extractor to suck out the old fluid. Does anyone see a problem with that. 2. I p[lan to refill the diff just till it starts to leak out the fill hole. Is...
  16. Marauderer

    Greasing a 2007 GM 2500 Classic

    I have greased my truck twice now and there are 11 grease fittings on the truck. 4 Ball joints, 4 tie rod ends, 2 on the idler arm upper and lower and one on the Pitman arm. 10 are fairly easy to get to but the Upper idler arm (UIA) fitting is a real rascal to get to. I plan on replacing...
  17. Marauderer

    Diamond Eye Down Pipe and 4" Quiet Tone Exhaust

    Is anyone out there running this exact set up? I am considering this exhaust because I want as much quiet in the cab that I can get. I am also considering covering the down pipe and the Quiet Tone section with extra exhaust insulation and the paint/sealant for a little extra quiet
  18. Marauderer

    Edge Evo Race w/CTS

    Anyone on this list running this tuner? Pros and cons with it?
  19. Marauderer

    Installing an EGR Blocking Plate, Finger Stick, PCV Reroute.

    Well today is the start of this upgrade and it is starting to get hot outside and maybe i will candy out and finish it tomorrow morning. Today I got the Blocker Plate installed, made a Helmholtz Plug to plug the intake piping as I am removing the Helmholtz Resonator. I will get a picture of...
  20. Marauderer

    H2 Wheels on a 2500 Classic

    I have been reseasrching this wheel and I see it is 17" dia. and 8.5" wide. I see some guys are running it on their 2500's. How is the back spacing and offset for these trucks. I also see the GMC center caps can be used but they need some machining to fit properly. Also is there any...