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Search results

  1. Rockabillyrat

    Cylinder Head and Camshaft Comparison.

    As I get closer to my engine build I've been spending some time researching head flow CFM and camshaft profiles on the 6.5. When upgrading to a much more efficient turbo I wanted to see if improvements could be made to the engine to make the most out of a turbo upgrade. So I took the time to...
  2. Rockabillyrat

    DS4 timing advance specs

    Does anyone have a chart or info on the stock timing curve of a DS4 pump on a vin F engine? Im looking for the degrees of timing advance in relation to engine RPM.
  3. Rockabillyrat

    Big news from KOS... diesel motorspots going to see big changes.

    The King of the Streets competition just announced today that all trucks must be emmisions compliant to compete. I have a feeling this will become a trend for all street driven trucks. And only dedicated competition trucks will be exempt from emissions. Another reason to own a pre emmisions diesel.
  4. Rockabillyrat

    Coolant flow diagram

    Does anyone have a coolant flow diagram for a 6.5? I can't seem to locate one.
  5. Rockabillyrat

    6.2L NEW Stanadyne DB2 Military Head and Rotor assembly

    I have 2 NEW stanadyne Head and Rotor assemblies. Part number 31816 for the MILITARY 6.2 engines. These are the updated design that fixed the hot restart issues. $200 each, these are over $500 if bought from stanadyne directly. If your having your pump rebuilt this will save you alot of money...
  6. Rockabillyrat

    Goodmark body panels.

    Does anyone have first hand experience with goodmark replacement body parts and patch panels? The LMC stuff is junk in my opinion. I want the best of the best aftermarket replacement body parts for my 78. I live 40 minutes from summit racing so I can pick up Goodmark stuff there and save on...
  7. Rockabillyrat

    Db2 rotor machining?

    I've been looking around for a shop to EDM machine my rotor for bigger plungers. There are a few shops around me that look promising. But I wanted to check with you guys just incase someone knew a shop that was really good with machining these old pumps. I ordered the biggest plungers...
  8. Rockabillyrat

    Project "Johnny Cash"

    The time has finally come to put my 4x4 back together. It was totaled in an accident almost 7 years ago, and unfortunately has been sitting ever since. I had originally purchased a 78 k20 with a 350 combo and 203 case when I was 23. I quickly added a small lift and upgrade the engine with a few...
  9. Rockabillyrat

    Pre combustion chamber design research

    Some of you might know I've been spending alot of time researching and developing an injector nozzle in hopes of picking up some extra HP and MPG. (I know I know a full write up on that is coming very soon.) But I shifted gears and started looking into pre combustion chamber designs because I...
  10. Rockabillyrat

    Looking for one marine nozzle assembly for science!!!

    I'm looking for one marine (dn0sd311) nozzle assembly. Used would be preferable. I'm not looking to run it on my truck. All I want to do is measure it and compare the pintle design to the #304 and #253 nozzles. I'm doing research on building a true performance injector for these old oil burners...
  11. Rockabillyrat

    New guy from N.E. Ohio.

    Greetings everyone! New guy here from Ohio. New to the forum but not to trucks. I'm a 30 year old auto/truck mechanic. I attended my local JVS in highschool. Then got my associates degree in auto and light truck from the University of Northwestern Ohio. I'm an now entering my 15 year as a...