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Search results

  1. WarWagon

    LB7 new injectors but bellows white smoke during warm up

    They appear to know their stuff offering a CP3 conversion for the '19-20 RAM Cummins CP4 disasters. Stop running the engine with bad or suspect injectors. Quit "playing with it" for diags as well: again stop running it before damage gets worse. A stuck open injector can melt a piston before you...
  2. WarWagon

    Why I DIY

    Unlikely, but, with the low quality parts we get now it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion or check em yourself just to be sure. Yes it's hard to get the steering wheel centered esp. if the rag joint on the top of the steering box to steering wheel shaft is sloppy. My buddy had just rebuilt...
  3. WarWagon

    2022 EV Hummer

    Lets see... Not just fixing em, but, the design too... (And because extreme heat only affects the few in places like AZ ... I can't wait to see short battery life vs. everywhere but here.) 1995 HVAC control heads... and related to the 6.5 diesel era: That one damn HVAC connector known to melt...
  4. WarWagon

    Tune, resistors and tcc

    Moving to Phoenix, Arizona. Seriously ask @ak diesel driver. I would use the heater kit for the CAT filter head myself, but, I never needed it HERE... :angelic: I just note that it can be taken for granted. Gelling, that normal heaters would solve, wax plugs the filter and stops the engine...
  5. WarWagon

    2022 EV Hummer

    One that is obtainable and within reach of a normal budget. The H2 and H3 were an attempt at being in reach of both. Too bad you can't see well out of the H3 and crap seat design plastic side part that breaks and triggers the seat heater all the time. We have had three of the H3's in the family...
  6. WarWagon

    Lift Pump Not Working, Where to Start

    Things change. Some things don't. Google reviews on some places, yes the bad ones, can shine the light on the BS some places pull. It's expensive to replace the head and rotor in a IP rebuild. Sadly they do wear out. See if you can find a rebuilder that will put a new head and rotor in the IP...
  7. WarWagon

    Tune, resistors and tcc

    After wiping out a couple of Walbro's on bug infested fuel because I got tired of the big bowel screen plugging up and removed them ... Yes, no screen can ruin the lift pumps. This is what I used for a filter before the lift pump: a CAT Water separator. It saved the injection system from bad...
  8. WarWagon

    Tune, resistors and tcc

    That's a good way to walk. The cute little inline filters will clog from the tank lining coming through the bypass valve in the tank sock. Or on a cold day diesel fuel gelling can clog the inline filter. The first filter needs to be heated. The tank sock has a bypass valve rather than a heater...
  9. WarWagon

    Lift Pump Not Working, Where to Start

    🤪 Except that one guy with 5 dead ones on the bench ... and one DB2 governor failure took the engine out too! Add a couple more for the DOA cracked Moose IP I had to exchange...
  10. WarWagon

    Torque converter for transmission

    The 2000 a 4L60E? You understand the converter is a huge oil and debris container that, if contaminated, can trash a rebuilt transmission quickly. The TC clutch has unknown wear on it as well. You likely would be trouble ahead to get a new or rebuilt one.
  11. WarWagon

    Lift Pump Not Working, Where to Start

    Compare to a running 6.5 when cranking. This video is leakage past the vane pump plus draining the fuel out of the hose. It doesn't tell us what we need to know. The IP vane pump does not "flow on fail". When it turns fuel moves like a BP Gulf oil spill. Swapping the IP likely will solve the...
  12. WarWagon

    Lift Pump Not Working, Where to Start

    You have a shaft driven vane pump in the IP between the fuel inlet and the rest of the IP. Unless it's turning the only fuel you see is leakage through it. The engine must be turning the IP to flow fuel. Spin the engine over and see how much fuel you get out. IMO with the past 9 pages the...
  13. WarWagon

    Any vehicle but this is a pickup - wreck diminished value damage multiplier and insurance arbitration ?

    ^^^ X2 on what @Will L. said. Thanks for sharing. Let us know how it turns out.
  14. WarWagon

    6.5 Camshaft end play

    Although the 6.2 and 6.5 measurements get mixed up here and there in general the Technical Reference Section on here is all you need: https://www.thetruckstop.us/forum/threads/military-engine-repair-manual-6-2-l-and-6-5-l-diesels.25481/
  15. WarWagon

    Any vehicle but this is a pickup - wreck diminished value damage multiplier and insurance arbitration ?

    Loose lips sink ships. The last person I would be calling is the dip$%&^ that hit me. They got no ability to help you - it's up to the Insurance Co now and the arbitration process.
  16. WarWagon

    Any vehicle but this is a pickup - wreck diminished value damage multiplier and insurance arbitration ?

    Did you have a rental for the 56 days? Regardless what in $ or whatever do you feel is not making you whole? CarFax saying it was in a wreck? And what are they offering on top of damages for you to settle if anything? Noting wrong with a sanity check.
  17. WarWagon

    Any vehicle but this is a pickup - wreck diminished value damage multiplier and insurance arbitration ?

    Ummmm, I don't follow. The insurance from the person who hit you trying to pay less than a full repair to make you whole again? Then make them pay for their stupidity and hire an attorney. Otherwise insurance companies are experts at taking advantage of individuals to save 15% or more on an...
  18. WarWagon

    Tune and test

    It did sell. However @93detroit is blowing through the installed converter just like I did with the Yank - look at the RPM it's running after a shift. IMO a converter change isn't necessary.
  19. WarWagon

    Parts compatibility ... And sloppy steering..

    Off the top of the steering box going to the steering wheel is a "rag joint". It's likely shot allowing lots of steering slop. You can have a new front end under it and this will be the last thing you replace. Should be the first...
  20. WarWagon

    The Powermaster 9052 starter for 6.2 and 6.5

    The context I was thinking of is that most people reach for battery terminals for grounds or power for things. Better ground is the engine block and better power is at the "alternator sensed" junction block. (Large power like wrenches excepted.) I haven't run across the ground lug on a starter...