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Search results

  1. Unit453

    Lighting choices

    Where are you guys finding these HIR bulb? I could use a set in the company car in a 9007.
  2. Unit453

    Lighting choices

    I put a set of 25 watt HID in my fogs and while they do look alright, the color doesn't match the stock OEM projector HIDs, at all. I bought what was listed as a 4300k kit but it looks more like 8k to me. I should've just spent more money and gotten a quality 35 watt kit in a true 4300k.
  3. Unit453

    6.2L Ferd Tunes

    I would volunteer to spectate a 'closed' course. I do know of some RURAL roads.
  4. Unit453

    Challenger R/T - 30k mile report...

    No Fred, I've totally forgotten about winter time. Thanks for reminding me.
  5. Unit453

    Challenger R/T - 30k mile report...

    I'm not sure yet. Some days, I think yes, others, I want to trade in for an SRT-8. I have a bit of equity in it right now so I'm really not sure. I'll probably have it for another year or so, unless I stumble across a deal I cant refuse.
  6. Unit453

    Challenger R/T - 30k mile report...

    Couple more:
  7. Unit453

    Challenger R/T - 30k mile report...

    It's been 3 years, almost and I just hit 31k miles. I thought I'd do a quick write up on my 30k mile report and how this car has treated me this far. Oil: I've used basically whatever's on sale, synthetic wise. I'm not an oil whore and have no specific brand that I stick with. I've used...
  8. Unit453

    Headlights - Looking for input

    I would've thought those projectors would've been WAY better. What a HUGE difference.
  9. Unit453

    My new Beast/DD: 2009.1 Pontiac G8 GT

    I can't believe the size of that air filter on there. That sumbitch is huge. I've always liked G8s and the front end of Pontiacs, having owned a 2000 Grand Prix GTP. I test drove a Caprice recently. They flat out haul ass, sound good and have really strong brakes. Supposedly, I have one on...
  10. Unit453

    What are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to other motorists?

    There are days that I troll the interstate looking for just that. I find them too. The outcome is usually different than yours though.
  11. Unit453

    6.2L Ferd Tunes

    Im hoping for a 6.0 Caprice to replace my aging CVPI. Looks lime its gonna be a Tahoe though, which is cool too. The 5.3 Tahoes are now rated at 335 HP.
  12. Unit453

    6.2L Ferd Tunes

    What are the stock HP numbers for those 6.2s? The 5.7 Ram still has the ability to pretty much walk away from just about *most* gas powered trucks on the road today. Diablo Sport makes really nice tunes for the 5.7, 6.1 and 6.4 Hemi.
  13. Unit453

    Air filter

    It's all over the net. Google K&N filters and see what you come up with. In short, steer clear of them. They're garbage. Spicer did some testing back in 2003 and the results have been posted for 10 years now. A bunch of us helped him with it back in the day. AFE, S&B and Volant are my top...
  14. Unit453

    Is it safe to body lift a 6.5 powered truck?

    Just curious but how much of a lift are you looking for? I have 1.5" aluminum lift blocks sitting in my garage collecting dust if you were looking for something like that. I used them on my Duramax before I lifted it.
  15. Unit453

    Got Something BETTER Than HID's Now

    I suppose I could try to put 9005's in there now. Since I lost a ballast, I put the stock bulbs back in. 9145's I think at a relatively low wattage. I just dont want to burn up my stock wiring. I know GM trucks could run 9005's in the fog housings but I dont know if I can.
  16. Unit453

    Got Something BETTER Than HID's Now

    So, now what? Where do we get these? I wouldnt mind them for my fog lights as they are absolutely worthless with halogen or HID so, anything that will help.
  17. Unit453

    New Vendor INTRO

    Welcome Tom. We appreciate you joining up here.
  18. Unit453

    Volant CAI - 3 months later

    It's working but I dont think the oil is supposed to dry up. The oil is what catches the small particles so, I'm inclined to think that the filter is now inefficient. Also, I dont know if it really gets hot enough. I realize this is a sealed intake and I know its gonna get hot inside but when...
  19. Unit453

    Volant CAI - 3 months later

    3 months later, I popped open the top of the box and removed the filter. I opted for the oiled filter basically, because it's cheaper by about $30 than the Dolandson. Most of these companies recommend cleaning every 10k miles. I'm barely at 2k miles since installation and it appears filthy. The...
  20. Unit453

    Did A New DRL Mod On The Truck Today

    You're gonna get heat scarring inside the housings. Those bulbs run HOT. Mine scarred with very little use.