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Search results

  1. n8in8or

    Anybody have heater hose/core flow data?

    Right now I have a screen filter to keep junk out of the expensive Brassworks heater core in my 94 K3500. I did this because I got tired of the heater cores in my Tahoe getting plugged and needing to be replaced, so no way I was going to have that happen with this. Well the screen is doing a...
  2. n8in8or

    I need air condition help

    This doesn’t seem like the best spot for this thread, but I don’t see a better. Plus this one gets higher traffic so selfishly I’ll roll with it… For 2 weeks now I’ve been trying to get the AC on my 94 K3500 extended cab working. Over the winter I put all new AC components in it. Hoses...
  3. n8in8or

    DIY coolant tubes in heads

    I am attempting to install brass tubes in the coolant passages between the valve bowls in my heads. I'm working on a pair of heads that don't have cracks yet, so it's more of a proactive thing. In an unrelated conversation @Will L. sent me this video that showed how to do it. I purchased an...
  4. n8in8or

    Leroy's Time Keepers are Sold Out

    I heard a rumor that Leroy's Time Keepers were sold out. I went to his site and sure enough, I saw this. What a shame. I luckily bought the one that @WarWagon was selling, but I definitely hoped to buy a few more as I have quite a few 6.5 builds planned ahead of me. Leroy says he needs to...
  5. n8in8or

    1996 K2500 “Krovvy”

    Yep. Another project...... Last fall I bought some 6.5 parts from a guy about 2 hours from me. While there he showed me a truck he had that was basically complete except for an engine and he said he’d sell it to me for $800. I wasn’t looking for a truck, but noted that it was really solid for...
  6. n8in8or

    How do you store your pickup bed topper?

    Soon I’ll be working on my 94 K3500. Part of the project will include bed removal. The truck currently has a topper on the bed (not sure if that’s the correct term for it, but not sure what else to call it). Short term removal and storage is easy to figure out, but I can see in the future that I...
  7. n8in8or

    Wanting junk 6.2/6.5 blocks and heads

    I know it sounds weird but I’m looking for 6.2 or 6.5 blocks and/or heads that are cracked, worn out bores, messed up starter pads, whatever. I am doing some mock up this winter and don’t want to use good parts to do it. I’m located in Kalamazoo, Michigan so the closer to me the better. I’ll pay...
  8. n8in8or

    How do you guys store engines?

    I have a few 6.5s I’m going to be tearing down, inspecting and then storing soon. The way I’ve been storing V8 engines for about 10 years now is: I disassemble them to the short block, oil the surfaces, double bag it in heavy gauge bags and then make a skid that cradles the mains. Final thing is...
  9. n8in8or

    88-94 to 95-98 dash swap worth the effort?

    I recently bought a 94 K3500 dually. It’s a solid truck that is a good foundation for a build. I’ve never owned or even driven an 88-94 and so far I’ve only driven this truck less than a mile, but already I’m not in love with the older dash. I’m seriously considering an interior swap to the...
  10. n8in8or

    1994 K3500 extended cab dually

    Time to start a new truck thread......this past weekend I got a new truck, a 94 K3500 extended cab dually. I've been needing a more comfortable truck for hauling - the 90 F350 4x4 IDI, wasn't comfortable and being non-turbo was seriously lacking power. I had planned to add more power to that...
  11. n8in8or

    Halloween cemetery gate

    Well this is isn’t the normal thread I would share on TTS, but I think it’s going to turn out neat and thought a couple of you may enjoy seeing it.....and at the very least I can always look back at this one day and reminisce. For a few years now we’ve been decorating our front yard for...
  12. n8in8or

    Interesting intake situation at the junkyard

    It’s fun the things you see when looking under the hood of vehicles at the junkyard. Some people have very, ummmmm creative..... ways to solve a problem. For instance, check out this interesting way to bolt a side mount intake on an engine with center mount heads. It was too good to not snap...
  13. n8in8or

    2008 GMC Envoy Denali

    Well here we go.....another project. With the Tahoe still off the road into what has turned into a frame-on restoration I decided I needed to find a new daily driver. I’m kind of picky about what I drive - it has to appeal to me in some way, I don’t want to just drive some standard...
  14. n8in8or

    Working on a "next-level" fuel system

    I am starting this thread a few weeks before I planned to, but the topic has come up in one of my other threads, so the timing made sense now so the topic could really get explored. In my other thread http://www.thetruckstop.us/forum/threads/going-mechanical-with-a-moose-omega-marine-ip.45204/...
  15. n8in8or

    Time for some rust repair on the Tahoe.

    I'm starting this thread 3.5 weeks into this project. If I had started this thread when I first started the project, this introduction would have read a lot different.... My initial plan was to address the rust I could see taking hold of the quarter panels by cutting it out, welding in some...
  16. n8in8or

    97 Tahoe condenser recommendations

    The A/C quit on the Tahoe. Luckily I had dye in the system from when I replaced the hose seals on the compressor earlier this year. Found the passenger side of the condenser is glowing green. I can get replacement condensers, but apparently most of them are a parallel flow design instead of the...
  17. n8in8or

    Going to try some dirt drag racing with the Tahoe

    I found out a couple months ago that KOI Dirt Drag Racing was going to be coming to the second annual diesel show put on by Legendary Diesel. This sounded like something to try out! I know the Tahoe could never compete in truck pulls with its short wheelbase and low weight (not to mention not...
  18. n8in8or

    Tie rod sleeves

    I’m hoping to participate in the local dirt drags next week so I wanted to reinforce my tie rods before I did a bunch of boosted launches in 4 wheel drive. First thing I did was buy some QA1 tie rod sleeves from Speedway Motors a couple months ago. This weekend I made some slip-on sleeves...
  19. n8in8or

    Bye-bye Gov-Lock, Hello Tru Trac, plus gear swap and brakes

    As the title shows, I have a few upgrades for the Tahoe coming up in the next couple weeks. As mentioned in another thread, I have had some 3.42 gears for my 14 bolt waiting for installation. I have hated the Motive Gear ring & pinion ever since I installed them because they howl from 45-65...
  20. n8in8or

    97 Tahoe front diff swap

    I’m more than likely doing some gear stuff to the Tahoe this spring. One of the things I’m seriously considering is a change from 3.73 gears to 3.42 gears. The easy way to do the front is to just swap the whole diff assembly. What years will interchange with my 1997? I found a diff out of a 1996...