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    A/C questions

  2. M

    A/C questions

    Do you know if the UAC CN22107PFC fit in the 94 burb?
  3. M

    A/C questions

    Is gdp a better pos or should I go with ac delco or does it not matter
  4. M

    A/C questions

    Thanks one day when the wife can go back to work aka kids are grown i plan on putting in a diesel of some sort.
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    A/C questions

    I I’m not sure how old the ac system is it didn’t work when I bought it. Then I popped a hole in the lines going to the compressor. I recently replaced those along with the accumulator and orifice. It looked like someone replaced the txv. Charged the system and everything was working great until...
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    A/C questions

    I’m new to here and decided to join after going through some of the threads. I bought a 1994 gmc burb 2500 with a 454 and rear air. I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on the gdp compressor w/ condenser packages. A r4 vs scroll compressor and if anyone has installed the AC Delco inline...
  7. M

    I’m new and looking for advice on which gdp a/c compressor I should get rockauto had the kits...

    I’m new and looking for advice on which gdp a/c compressor I should get rockauto had the kits with condensers and all. I have a 94 gmc suburban 2500 7.4L with rear a/c. Any information would be greatly appreciated.