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Search results

  1. denata

    4L80E rebuild

    4L80E on my H1 august 99'- die (once again ). Lost 3th and reverse. Several times I rebuilt, changed the clutches, rings and others Raybestos and Red eagle, all the same through the duration of the mushrooms burned direct. What to do , what components to put there to never remove this f***in...
  2. denata

    Garage for Humster.

    my brick garage is 6x7m (20x23ft). The floor is wooden (larch) from boards 6x2 inches. 6 logs of the floor of 6x6inch. and three steel I-beams 140x80mm . I'm digging a basement now. the ground is very heavy, stones of different calibers. I have already dug about 10 tons.
  3. denata

    4L80E - > 4L85E

    What is the difference between 4l80e and 4l85e? What should be changed in 4l80e to make 4l85e? I'm tired of changing direct clutch discs after 10000 mi
  4. denata

    Hummer ball joint.

    Got upper ball joints with ebay. With holes 5/16. But I need 3/8. I decided to drill. I could not drill anything. Some kind of super durable case. Used 5 new cobalt drill. Drills checked with a metal analyzer "Oxford XMET8000" Drills from steel R6M5K5 ( T11341). The analyzer did not...
  5. denata

    Tlime for new piston?

    Measure bore. 102.98 mm in top bore 103.04 mm inside bore min and 103.08 max. Ellipse 0.04 mm Cylinder wear 0.1 mm Is it time to grind the block?
  6. denata

    How does the new or perfect 6.5 sound?

    What does a new or remanufactured engine sound like?