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  1. 3500GMC


    Maybe a 12x20.. Free standing. All steel. Would like it to be fully enclosed with 'some kinda' door for an average vehicle. (9x7 feet) Something not permanent. Tractor Supply sells one for around a Grand but it's just a roof, open all the way around. Trying to get some ideas. This will be...
  2. 3500GMC

    Welcome, Teds Trucks!

    Noticed the banner ad and thought I'd say WELCOME to The Truck Stop. We always like to see pics and videos of the venerable 6.2 & 6.5 engines and associated parts, and welcome discussion and info you would like to share.
  3. 3500GMC

    Ethanol and Methanol in Gasoline

    For a small engines it's a big problem. Chainsaws, mowers, trimmers, back up generators, log splitters, snow blowers, old cars and trucks. List goes on. Anything with a carburetor and/or rubber in the fuel system. Aluminum suffers the ill effects too. It's become a big problem because of the...
  4. 3500GMC

    4L80E rebuild time.

    Or so I think. This one is in the '93. (truck in sig) Got right at 250,000 miles but I think the thing has been 'rebuilt' at some point in time. Probably with just clutches and seals, just a guess. Doubt the roller sprags or bushings were done.. Like I said, just a guess. So we have this...
  5. 3500GMC

    2008 C&C Duramax twin fuel tank and pump problems

    Got a friend with a low mile 4WD cab and chassis 3500HD Duramax dump 10.5' flatbed truck. Maybe 37-38k miles. It has the twin tank sutup, one fore and one aft the rear axle. Since it was new it's had a problem with the rear tank pumping itself into the front tank and overflowing it onto the...
  6. 3500GMC

    2008 Duramax with nearly 600k and still truckin'

    Truck hauls big 15,000 lb or heavier toy hauler campers for a living. Nationwide. Canada. All weather. Still looks and drives as NEW. Well cared for no doubt with a tune and minimal mods. Belongs to an Ex big-rig driver. He stopped by while I was at a friends place today. I must add that it's...
  7. 3500GMC

    How do you hotrod a Detroit 6-71?

    So I have this Diamond T, a '67 with a 6-71N. Dunno if it's 2 or 4 valve, dunno what injectors it has.. Yet. It's just a toy. Thought I'd like yet another truck that turns diesel into beautiful noise. :D Nobby you out there?
  8. 3500GMC

    H.O. Water pump leak bad machine work

    Excuse me while I re-machine my water pump.. A nagging coolant leak led me here. Found the block to timing housing leak. This one caused a raised eyebrow or two. Anybody run into this on their H.O. Pump? The shiny areas is the mill bastard file doing it's thing. Took a minute or two to get...
  9. 3500GMC

    6.2L timing chain at 24k miles (vid)

    Was expecting to see some play. Got what I was after and then some. Was tight upon install 24,000 miles ago when I built the engine. May just leave it alone. Reason for teardown was a coolant leak from between the timing housing and block. Chain and gearset is a Cloyes. Going to drill a cam oil...
  10. 3500GMC

    Recovering AGM auto and truck batteries

    I have a 1800 amp Kinetik brand AGM battery that I run in the '74 C10. It sits most the time but gets toyed with every now and then. Never had any discharge issues until a few months ago. Battery went totally FLAT like .1 V. It's not a cheap mistake BY FAR. So now I'm trying to resuscitate the...
  11. 3500GMC

    Cycle ABS to get air out

    Any cheats? TEC2 would be nice yeah. 2000 Buick Century 3.1. Had to do both rear brake lines from ABS unit to hoses. Used a mighty vac with canister. Haven't done the pump and bleed yet.
  12. 3500GMC

    9.5" GM semi-float rear differential upgrade

    Spider gears. These are a weak link in an otherwise stout 3/4 ton rear diff. Fixing a plow truck for a local hospital and one of the tasks on the laundry list was finding out why the rear was clanging and banging. Well I found the problem captain. Also found that GM has an updated gear kit...
  13. 3500GMC

    Introducing, the Larry Light

    So I have to share my latest tool find. Two AAA batteries, 8 LED's, magnetic pocket clip.. Huge light for a tiny package. The Larry by Nebo.
  14. 3500GMC

    John Deere 410 loader backhoe engine torque specs

    It's a older '78 2WD extendable backhoe. Nice old machine. 4 cyl diesel, shuttle shift, 1 yd bucket etc.. Fell victim to electrolysis in the liners, engine took on some coolant but was shut down quickly upon loss of coolant. We are re-assembling with new liners, rod bearings, rings, lifters...
  15. 3500GMC

    SnapOn ACT3000 A/C machine

    Have an opportunity to buy a gently used A/C recovery machine. It's an older model used for R-12 and it's variants. I read somewhere that it will not handle R134A. So, two questions. 1. Is this true? 2. If true or not, can I at least use it to draw down a system? As in, does it have a vacuum...
  16. 3500GMC

    Newer John Deere 4WD utility tractors

    There's the E's M's maybe a few others.. R? Is this export? Mostly looking at the M's 5085M, 5100M on up to the 5115M.. Are these made 'cheap'? How about the E's? I know virtually nothing about 'em. Any experiences to share?
  17. 3500GMC

    Vbulliten vs. VBadvanced

    I don't know what this is but... since tapatalk doesn't have and APP for a windows phone I must use a 'full site' browser. Not a big deal.. Is there an app that works other than tapatalk? So..something in the TTS software makes my pop up keyboard go away when trying to post/type.. Over at...
  18. 3500GMC

    88-93 HVAC control panel

    Few questions for the style I have in pic below.. (or was it 88-94 maybe..) The buttons, are they supposed to be lit up, lights on? The lettering and symbols? Mine aren't.. :dunno: And the fluorescent display, is there a way to dim this thing when the lights are OFF? It's annoyingly...
  19. 3500GMC

    Alpine CDA-7998 parts

    I have a 10 year old in dash CD/Mp3 receiver made by Alpine that has suffered a casualty. The 'Bio-lite' display has bit the big one. It's actually a well documented common problem.. Everything else on the unit is perfect, just can't see to make any adjustments which is no fun. I have the...
  20. 3500GMC

    Build-a-Truck 2WD to 4WD conversions leaf to link suspension oh my

    So, one has a pile-o-parts. One wants to get creative. What would one do? I absolutely love my 84 K10 Scottsdale.. But.. Ohio has not been kind to her- read- she's returning to Mother Earth.. For some odd reason, I want to continue her stay and build a link style suspension front and rear...