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Search results

  1. NVW

    Heater Core Replacement

    I had to change the heater core in my 95 truck, I had hoped I could take the core out without removing the entire heater box. I removed the screws on the bottom of the box but couldn't get the core to move. I then followed the manual instructions of removing the dash and the steering column...
  2. NVW

    Time for new IP?

    My 98 has run perfect for three years, the gfi tripped at -30C a few times and it fired up with little smoke. I know it tripped when the timer cut in. This spring it smoked grey for a second then would clear up, it started to buck at certain speeds but would run perfect at others, I suspected...
  3. NVW

    Second go Around

    My 95 K3500 was rebuilt 3 years ago, after about each and every month I would have to add a bit of coolant. There was a slight vapor under the oil fill cap. Then the WP gasket let go and I fixed that thinking my problem was fixed. No go. I thought maybe the head studs had a poor seal but I could...
  4. NVW

    Flo Pro Exhaust

    I recently purchased the 4" Flo Pro Exh. for my 98. It is quieter than the Hearthrob on my 95, which I like. It was harder to install, hanger on the tail pipe was cheap and in the wrong spot. The tail pipe took some tweaking, it wasn't bent quite right. It could have been bent a bit more to the...
  5. NVW

    New 6.5 blocks

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-OEM-6-5L-GM-Diesel-Engine-Block-506-Chevy-GMC-Hummer-HMMWV-FREE-SHIPPING-/262243886160?hash=item3d0ef42450:g:2hQAAOSw0HVWAY8Q&vxp=mtr They claim they are GM, anyone interested can research themselves. The price is right.
  6. NVW

    Second Chance

    Some may remember my first attempt rebuilding my 98. http://www.thetruckstop.us/forum/threads/my-98-build-up.29378/ I recently picked up a 94 2wd with a 6.5, I bought it with a stipulation that it ran, the owner didn't plug it in and the batts were weak. I lifted the back wheels with my bale...
  7. NVW

    Thermostatic Fan Clutch

    What is your preference, AC Delco or Hayden? This will be for a 98 nine blade steel fan.
  8. NVW

    Leroy Diesel Prices Are TOO Low

    Case in point: http://www.ebay.com/itm/6-5L-Stanadyne-Bullet-Proof-PMD-FSD-Extension-Adaptor-Cable-6-foot-/281472159295?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item41890c4e3f&vxp=mtr At least shipping is free.
  9. NVW

    Rebuild Time

    Last Tuesday I was going to the auction mart and noticed a miss when I pulled up. Nothing noticeable on the highway. At home I ran GMTDScanTech and got codes 94 & 95 which is a miss fire in cylinder 4 & 5, the odd thing with my ScanTech is it states code 94 is a miss fire in # 5 and 95 is # 4...
  10. NVW

    Won't shift into Park

    Yesterday when I would put my 95 in the park position it wouldn't lock and the indicator light didn't light the "P". Then it worked again for awhile and now it doesn't. Is there an adjustment on the cable or the shift lever? I an tempted to bend the cable holder a bit on the trans to see if...
  11. NVW

    Recent Farm Sale Purchase

    I picked this valve resurfacer up for a $100. There have been times I could have used one for small engines, I'm sure it will come in handy eventually.
  12. NVW

    Thanks Leroy

    I ordered a nano fiber filter about a week ago and it came today, thanks Leroy.
  13. NVW

    Truck Makeover

    After two years being my wifes DD, it's mine again:D Unfortunately my old bale trucks rearend went out and I'm parking it. It has 510k kms, 1/2 of them had the bale deck on it and was beat to crap. RIP First job is to mount the pump, I was hoping to put it where the vac pump was but it was...
  14. NVW

    PMD Arrived

    Picked up my PMD today. Thanks Leroy, it was fast considering the hassle you can get at the border. One question Leroy, where are they shipped from? I ask because it went through customs in Illinois. Seems like a roundabout route from Texas to Alberta. Thanks again.
  15. NVW

    Charging Problem

    This is on a Patrick Forklift with a Chrysler charging system from the 70's to 80's with the transistor volt reg. I have ign volts to the ign terminal of the voltage regulator through to one brush terminal, the other brush also reads the same volts. The alt. is good, If I ground out the second...
  16. NVW

    Alternator Question

    Can an alt. from a 97-98 work on a 95? They are a different model but are they inter-changeable?
  17. NVW

    My 98 build up

    I bought the truck three years ago from a member of the Place as a non running truck. He had put on new heads from a good friend of Jim's:rolleyes5:, called Teds something or other in Calgary. There was a coolant in oil issue IIRC. I hauled the truck home and got it running, oil pressure was...
  18. NVW


    The wife got this Trojan on her computer last night. BitDefender and Kav Rescue wouldn't touch it. Malware Bytes wouldn't work either until I downloaded "rkill" on my laptop and burned it to CD. rkill occupies the trojan then Maleware Bytes can remove it. It still took 2 tries, the second...
  19. NVW

    Socks or no socks lets chat about it

    You could just ditch the sock and put a Racor filter before the LP TD edit I wanted to explore this a little so I copied the suggestion, not saying right or wrong to remove a sock but thought it would be a good discussion to have/explore
  20. NVW

    Walbro FRB-5 Group buy

    I was in contact with Leroy (Burning Oil) about a Walbro FRB-5 fuel pump. He is out of stock now and gets them in groups of 5. Is anyone else here looking for one? Mods, I put this here for max. exposure.