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Search results

  1. FatFut

    In need of a drive shaft

    I am looking for the forward drive shaft for a 2wd 168.5" WB standard trans GM. This one has the U joint on the forward end and the Spicer external spline on the rear after the carrier bearing. This one seems to be impossible to find and having one made is my last resort. Thanks Ron
  2. FatFut

    New bed on an old C3500

    Hello everybody, I have had some time on my hands after getting my knee rebuilt and I have been looking for any information about putting a newer bed on my 1994 GMC crew cab. I have an opportunity to get a take off bed from a 2010 GMC dually. I have been trying to find someone that might have...
  3. FatFut

    DB2 FTB now not starting

    Hey guts I just finished doing the DB2 version of the FTB mod and now I have a no start issue. I upgraded to Leroy's FRB5-1 LP. I have run the pump on a jumper to purge the air. The batteries are up and it spins good, it just wont light. It was running directly before doing this and even on...
  4. FatFut

    Injector pop pressure

    I just got curious and opened one of my original injectors that I had changed a few years back. I was surprised to see how simple it was. Now I'm wondering what part is changed to increase the pop pressure? I have heard that it involves a shim, but not sure where the shim goes.
  5. FatFut

    Fuel heater replacement

    I think I need to replace the fuel heater in my FMU. It shows no ohms resistance on the meter, and with voltage applied it doesn't warm up at all. I've seen the part number for the fuel heater in the library, but I can't find one anywhere. My local GM dealership says they can't get it anymore...
  6. FatFut

    DB2 diagnosis

    Hey guys, I've been gone a while and of course I come back with a sick truck. It cranks easy enough but feels to running very rough. When I press the loud pedal it chugs and the RPM seem to bounce . At the same time it is spewing tons of smoke. It has absolutely no power and dies frequently...