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Search results

  1. BigBlueChevy

    New(er) truck

    Sorry I haven't been around to help out much folks. I've been hammered with work the past few months (no complaints here) and getting back into the swing of things. Two months ago I traded the little green truck I had (95' GMC K/1500 6.5L) for a 2001 F250 Super Duty. The little green truck...
  2. BigBlueChevy

    Walbro FRC-10 - Low Fuel pressure

    Well, the good news is that my air conditioning finally works again as of today. Blows an ice cold 50*F out through the vents. The bad news is while under the hood checking everything I noticed on the gauge that my fuel pump outlet pressure was dangerously low. Normally it will float around...
  3. BigBlueChevy

    Little green truck hit the rollers last weekend

    It was a great time and everybody had alot of fun. Even had a little bit of a scare at the end of the dyno day as the truck wouldn't start. Thanks Tim (Turbine Doc) for giving a few pointers on where to start as far as diagnosing what caused this. Somehow it ended up being an ECM fuse... and...
  4. BigBlueChevy

    A little bit of fuel system R & R.

    Because so very few of us are actually capable of putting things back together the way it came (me being one of them), I've gotten myself into a little project while I'm out here in AZ. As I've been expecting, the little green truck needs a new injection pump. This one is showing its age and...
  5. BigBlueChevy

    Using a filter meant for a diesel on a gas engine...

    I have a spare Fuel / Water Separator lying around that filters down to 30 microns and I was thinking about using it on my welding machine. Its a CAT filter, but my biggest question is that since its designed for a Diesel, will running gasoline through it do any damage? Swell anything up...
  6. BigBlueChevy

    Leroy - Walbro FRC

    Leroy, I'm gathering parts to build the new fuel system on my little green truck and had a question. I'd like to source the Walbro pump from you as well as the special fittings to go in place of the GM factory lift pump. Your website says you carry the FRC-10psi model (has a small filter...
  7. BigBlueChevy

    DIY Injector/ Glow Plug replacement thread?

    Hey Guys:hello:. Hope things have been going well for everybody. I'll be installing New Injectors and Glow Plugs on the little Green truck this weekend and noticed that we didn't have a "How to Replace your Injectors and Glow Plugs" thread in the tech section. Perhaps I just searched for to...
  8. BigBlueChevy

    Weight on front axle?

    Hey ya'll, Been rather busy between work and school here in PA and haven't had much time to play here except lurk occasionally. Hope everybody is doing well. Does anybody know what Weight is over the front axle on a C/3500 (2 wheel drive so no front pumpkin) with the 6.5 Diesel? Its for Big...
  9. BigBlueChevy

    Awesome 6.5 Exhaust carnage pictures

    :rof::rof::rof: So, we had open shop in class today and I had brought the little GMC 6.5 in today for some maintenance. Oil change, lift pump, OPS, rotate and balance tires, and a power steering fluid flush. I go to pull it onto the 4 post lift in the shop and hear a clunk then a rattle...
  10. BigBlueChevy

    01 DMAX/Ally problems?

    Friend of mine is looking at a 2001 Chevy 3500 EC/LB dually. Duramax, Allison, 4x4, LT edition. I'm not to familiar with the DMAX and the ALLY so I was wondering if you guys would mind bringing me up to speed? What kind of issues do these trucks have? Anything to look out for? Preventive...
  11. BigBlueChevy

    PA guys!!

    So my Move to PA has been official. I'm now a resident in Spring City going to School for Diesel / Industrial Tech at UTI.:D Yesterday I passed by the local hunting ship in Pottstown and saw CrazyWeldingGuy from the Diesel places(another member who did a solid axle swap. His is an 04ish GMC...
  12. BigBlueChevy

    Gm-8 compressor maps and technical data?

    Is there a chance anybody has, or knows of somewhere that, can get me some technical information on the GM-8 turbo? Such as compressor maps, flow charts and or the major and minor dimensions of the intake and exhaust compressor wheels? Friend of mine is using my old one to stick on his Mustang...
  13. BigBlueChevy

    Hobart G-213 lope?

    So, I'm fabricating some brackets for big blue today and after I stop my arc the welder started to lope. But it only does it for a few seconds... stops.. then will do it again. I snapped a quick video with my camera phone and was hoping someone knew what was causing this? It only does it at...
  14. BigBlueChevy

    Hows the plowing going?

    I know we have a few other plow drivers here so I figured I'd check in and see how everything was going along. Jersey got hammered with about 2ft worth in Jackson about 4 days ago. Sure gave my new plow rig a run for its money(and seeing as how I just got it finished not even last week I was...
  15. BigBlueChevy

    Kickin Gas

    :eek:Just listen to that Big Turbo Light up:eek: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFpTDvkfYMo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZoP1y6Vvp0&NR=1
  16. BigBlueChevy

    AAM 11.5" wheel seal???

    I'm trying to replace the wheel seals on my AAM (11.5") rear and seem to have run into a snag. Per Rockauto and pepboys, the seal I got is the right one, but this isn't one of those seals that you can just hammer into the back of the hub. It has some kind of rubber lip that seems like it would...
  17. BigBlueChevy

    Order up!

    Hey Leroy, I was so pleased with the kit I had ordered from you a year or so back for Big Blue that I just put an order in tonight for a brand spanking new kit for my new green truck. I'll post up some pictures when I get it and install everything for some of the newer guys. Can't wait to...
  18. BigBlueChevy

    New Rig

    Started a new job about 3 weeks ago and since I can no longer ride my bike 5 minutes to the yard for work anymore I was on the hunt for a second rig while big blue is down for her upfit. I while back I posted a classified add here of a gentlemen selling a 95 RC/LB K1500 here in Jackson with the...
  19. BigBlueChevy

    Big Blue gets parked... For her buildup

    I started tearing down the old girl this weekend for her buildup. After a seal failed on my drivers side rear axle and took out the spindle I decided there is no time like the present. I have to say I'm really excited to start. So far these are my plans for the buildup, in no particular...
  20. BigBlueChevy

    Powermaster starter upgrade

    Starters take some seriously heavy abuse, and when they go out, its not often that we have time to sit around waiting for parts to come in, and 9 out of 10 times it usual happens when you least need it too. Unfortunately, I can attest to both of these being true, as not only did mine almost...