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Search results

  1. bison

    Drought and grasshoppers

    I'm in a pickle. We have a bad drought up here in Northern Alberta, the worst i have seen in 30 years. I had 1" of rain since April first. I received 4" rain last week but it is to late for me. The pastures never got much growth to start with and are now bare, a zillion grasshoppers competing...
  2. bison

    rear door Iock and power window inoperabIe

    As the titIe says. I need some heIp here foIks,. i have a AIIdata subscription for this truck but i can't make head or taiIs out of that tupid manuaI The pass rear window goes neither up or down from both rear window switch or dr side switch. The power door Iock is dead as weII. The sIide...
  3. bison

    07 heater is not putting out

    As the titIe says. Engine temp is normaI but i don't get much heat in the cab. Heater Fan runs fuII tiIt but i don't get a Iot of air fIow either. The dispIay teIIs me cooIant IeveI is Iow yet the IeveI is an inch higher than the fuII Iine(i added cooIant thinking it may be the cause of the Iack...
  4. bison

    Do you notice anything wrong in this picture?

  5. bison

    OS, exploded view

    Some people claim that the optical sensor can be cleaned,...i was not so sure of that and today i set out to prove or disapprove that claim. I decided to cut one apart and see how it is put together. I started with cutting through the brass insert and the aluminum on both sides and then...
  6. bison

    Wifes 98 threw code PO370

    Help me out, I' m a little rusty here.:agreed: Wife's truck died in parking lot,..started right up again and made it home without issues but SES light is lit. I read the codes,... PO370 is set (resolution high) What causes that code to set???
  7. bison

    94 Dually clutch

    Got my friends 94 dually here with clutch problems Got everything removed, T- case tranny, bell housing etc Has a dual mass flywheel,..it came apart and a whole pile of ball bearings got stuck between the flywheel and the clutch plate which explains the non working clutch.(it wrecked the...
  8. bison

    first start of the year,..no oil pressure?

    I fired up my old 89 today after sitting since nov last year. Check oil and coolant,..all good. Turned the key to turn her over without using the glows to get some oil flowing to the bearings and fully expecting "click..click" cause of dead batts but instead she fired up right away and purred...
  9. bison

    what flywheel in a 94 dooly

    Buddy is trailering his 94 dooly over to my place (450 km trip) to get the clutch replaced. I like to order the clutch ahead of time,..what flywheel would be in there,..duall mass or 1 piece?(no one seems to have a clue,..incl the dealer) Truck is 94 dually 6.5 sle 4x4 ext cab NV 4500 stick...
  10. bison

    07 Allison

    Allison tranny leaking from the shifter shaft. Can the seal be replaced from the outside?
  11. bison

    Burning oil

    Leroy yer mail box is full.:agreed:
  12. bison

    O7 Dmax your thoughts

    Was at my local engine shop today to pick up a crankshaft they ground for me. I chatted with the shop owner( a guy i know for 20 + years) for a bit talking 6.5 versus cummiins versus Dmax Then he said, i got something for you for a deal i bet you'll be interested in. Turns out he's got a O7...
  13. bison

    homebuild tractor cab

  14. bison

    homebuild tractor cab

  15. bison

    IP timing

    I'm a little rusty, need some help. I just replaced the IP on my 98 with ESO straight up, Engine fired up right away so the IP was within perimeters Initial timing on the AE scantool told me actual and desired timing was 12. BTDC was 0.35. I moved the IP to pass side 3 times to a total of...
  16. bison

    Another 4L80 problem

    Pulled a trailer load of Bison to the Butcher yesterday, truck ran and pulled good and shifted good but halfway in the trip and going 95 km the truck started bucking out of the blue so i let of the throttle a bit and the bucking disappeared till i put the pedal down again and the bucking...
  17. bison

    Brake issues 98

    I need to haul a load of bison to the butcher but I have trouble getting my truck to stop. I can push the brake pedal to the floor when braking hard.Been like that for a long time but it won't do towing 15000 lbs Replaced rear drums and shoes last year, replaced front pads today although the old...
  18. bison

    Can't post pics anymore

    I got this new computer with windows 7 professional on it but there is no provision on it to make pics smaller and put them in a separate folder that I use to the site or to send with a email. Windows 7 has no longer outlook express but some other program and I can email pics but I can no...
  19. bison

    LP issues 02 5.9 cummings

    LP runs 15-20 sec with key on and the starter is bumped but it won't run with the engine running(Have in cab fuel pressure gage) What gives?:???: are these LP's alternatly powered by a OPS like on a GM 6.5 and if they are where is the OPS located on these cummings? If no OPS, then what...
  20. bison

    puter died

    My Dell 9400 puter failed to boot up this morning,..i did a diagnostic test. diagnostics says ..the hard drive failed,..puter worked fine last night when i shut her down. Not all files where backed up :skep: Any advise??