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Search results

  1. Rockabillyrat

    Project "Johnny Cash"

    I had thought about filling it with sand if I need to do some higher degree bends. Once I measure everything out I can make a better judgment on that. I'm not sure yet. I was originally planning to do some off roading with this rig. The more progress I make on it, the more I feel it wont not...
  2. Rockabillyrat

    Allison 2000 (July '01 Build) 4x4 conversion

    I think you have to swap the planetary gears too. But its definitely possible.
  3. Rockabillyrat

    Project "Johnny Cash"

    So after thinking it over... I decided that the .250" wall DOM might be a "little" overkill for the transmission and transfer case crossmembers. So I picked up some .180" wall DOM in the same 1.75" OD. I actually was able to bend this at work on our Bendpak ram style exhaust bender... Yep I...
  4. Rockabillyrat

    Typical K&N problem.

    K&N filters and MAF sensors don't mix. I've seen ALOT of trucks come in with running issues due to the MAF being soaked in oil from the filter.
  5. Rockabillyrat

    Project "Johnny Cash"

    Thanks! I cant wait to flex the truck and see how it does!!
  6. Rockabillyrat

    Project "Johnny Cash"

    With the suspension wrapped up it was time to move onto the transmission and transfer case crossmembers. But to do that I had to level the frame at all 4 corners and set the drive line angle. I decided to install the z bar to see how it lined up with everything. I didn't want to adjust the...
  7. Rockabillyrat

    Project "Johnny Cash"

    Progress has been a little slow on the truck the last two weeks. My GF is still recovering from surgery so I have been BUSY around the house taking care of everything. She has a gluten allergy so we hardly ever eat out or make boxed meals. So my cooking skills are improving nicely!! Also I got...
  8. Rockabillyrat

    A/C Deslugger

    I wouldn't mind see the changes in the calibration files just for fun. Usually the only time I dig into stuff like that is on performance tuning. With recalibrating TSBs like that its just a reflash and back out the door.
  9. Rockabillyrat

    Please ask how to fix Chevrolet Trailblazer LTZ 2018 engine error

    Do you have a way to read codes? Because the check engine light can come in for a thousand different reasons. If not, places like autozone will scan it for free. Did you check your oil level?
  10. Rockabillyrat

    A/C Deslugger

    The reprogramming TSB had to do with compressor noise on start up with high temperatures due to the compressor trying to move liquid refrigerant.
  11. Rockabillyrat

    Been dealing with electrical/ fuel issues

    This might help, it's for a 98 truck but its should be the same minus the dual tank option.
  12. Rockabillyrat

    A/C Deslugger

    After 16+ years of working on an estimated 10,000 vehicles I have never seen a deslugger. Not one person I asked at work has seen one. Most of them laughed at it when I brought it up at lunch and said that's what the PCM is for. I have seen so many GM trucks come in with over 200k on the...
  13. Rockabillyrat

    A/C Deslugger

    I do remember the reflash having to do with a compressor noise on a hot restart with ambient temps above 95*f. I was too late to edit my previous post.
  14. Rockabillyrat

    A/C Deslugger

    I can't seem to locate the TSB for the reflash. I'm going to say it was somewhere in the mid to late 00s. I will try to look at work. But while I was searching for that I found a TSB I hadn't seen before. The 02-04 trucks got a updated compressor for slugging issues. So I assume any GM after...
  15. Rockabillyrat

    A/C Deslugger

    The PCM can be programmed to start and stop the compressor a few times on initial start up. Not sure if that's was that GM did in their reprogramming TSB they issued. But that is what alot of other manufacturers do.... I've had training classes talking about it.
  16. Rockabillyrat

    Starting issues...

    I'd still voltage drop your ground side. Hook the red meter lead to the negative terminal on the battery. The black lead to the stater case and try to crank it. Anything over .5v is too high. Resistance on the ground side will slowly kill any starter.
  17. Rockabillyrat

    Starting issues...

    If it's a remanufactured starter then its probably the problem. I've had major issues with those. Voltage drop the power and ground. Anything over .5v is too much. Make sure you have the front support installed. If it turns out to be a starter, get the powermaster like ak diesel driver...
  18. Rockabillyrat

    2004 K1500 Suburban 5.3 LT

    P0455 is an EVAP large leak code. 3 parts that I replace alot for that are the vent solenoid (referred to as the pump in earlier comments). The sending unit. Gm decided to put a steel sending unit in the trucks. If you live in a northern state they rust out all the time. Requires a tank drop...
  19. Rockabillyrat

    Infamous hard upper rad hose.

    A recall has to do with a safety issue. A TSB is just a bulletin thats issued to let technicians know of a common failure, or and update to fix and issue. Although I've see TSB's that list recalls on parts that are not and safety issue before. Depending on what the TSB is about the part being...