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    stored 06 lbz

    for the first time i put my truck away for the winter,it was stored in a heated garage for about 5 months,i have not started it once,what would you guys suggest,should i open bleeder so it will let me roll it over in order to build oil pressure after sitting so long,it does have rotella 5w40...
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    turbo cleaner

    has anyone tried to use the turbo cleaning sprays that are available but there spayed in the intake side of the turbo thanks
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    egr delete

    just got back from holidays and had another flawless towing season,truck now has 259km,i always to try to keep up with maintenance,this might be a dumb question but you guys that do a egr delete is it leagal,i live in northern ontario canada we do not need e test but down south you do,now if i...
  4. T


    this might be a dumb question but i will ask it anyway,i bought 06 lbz dually in 2009 and you could always hear the turbo whine down,i cannot hear it no more i don't have a check light or dtc codes,i would assume if there was anything wrong it would throw a code,maybe i'm getting deaf any ideas...
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    tranny service

    i did my first tranny service at 120,000km with castrol semi syn.,shortly after allison had there service bull.suggesting to only use there oil,what i would like to know if you guys suggest that i make this change over now or stick with the castrol,i'm at 240,00km thanks mike
  6. T


    my truck just threw a p206 open circuit injector #6,i think i reasd somewhere before about wiring harness issues but i cant find the article can anyone confirm this thanks mike
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    dead batterys

    my truck was parked for a couple of weeks and the batteries are dead,after recharging them i noticed that the radio stays on and the red battery light is on even with the key removed from the ignition,the interior lights go out as soon as you close the doors so i don't think its a door...
  8. T

    abs pump

    hey guys my abs pump and module are dead ,there melted ,does anyone know a place where i can get a used one its about $2000.00 new i can't find one in canada i have a 2006 sierra 3500 cc dually with jh7 option thanks mike
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    fuel cooler

    hi guys i'm not sure if this is the proper forum section,i need a new fuel cooler but its over $400.00 dollars there is a rad shop that tells me they replace them with an oil cooler $80.00 has anybody tried this ,i also want to replace the fuel lines they are in one piece also $400.00 has...
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    sierra 3500 ABS light

    high guys its nice to be back, health kept me in the dark,anyway on my way to town this morning my dually has an ABS light,and red light next to it on,and service brake message i may have a bad bearing witch i will look at it later on but does anyone know of a descent code reader that will do...
  11. T

    new mto regulations

    be careful guys ,there is a new regulation that whent in effect on july 1 2012 in ontario canada,i have a dually and i now must install a yellow sticker,the rules used to say that as long as your plating was under 4500kg,and your trucks weight was under 4500kg you were ok when pulling a camper...
  12. T

    fault code

    hey guys my truck throught a p0700 code ,transmission control mech. any ideas thanks mike
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    scan tool

    hey guys can anyone give me some info on a descent scan tool,i just want to be able to read and clear codes on all my vehicles,and i know some guys are talking about being able to read balance rates on injectors in my lbz, i guess this would be the way to go as it would tell you if you had a bad...
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    comments on oil

    hi guys i purchased my lbz sierra dually in december 09,when i purchased it, i did a full service and put in 5w40 full synthetic,when summer come i put 15w40 semi synthetic now i really didn't see any difference on idle oil pressure,high rpm oil pressure is the same now i am due for a service...
  15. T

    diy bed liners

    hy im looking for youre opinoins on diy bedliners kits,duplicolour.herculiner,or others is there anyone who has tried these kits i am leaning towards a roll on application thanks mike
  16. T

    tow haul mode dead

    i just returned from a holiday,we towed the 5er aprox 5500km,everything went very well until today on are way home we pulled in a rest area with tow mode on shutt the truck off and when we restarted to leave tow haul would not engage any help would be appreciated thanks mike
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    tranny lines very important pl.read

    hy guys,one of my best friends works in a tranny shop, since the new ally he has only repaired two,one a front seal the other the cases were broken but in the last two weeks he has done two more,what happened was the lines are routed to the front cooler along the side of the engine block on...
  18. T

    pump rub

    hi guys i have been trying to find some info on this subject i do not no what is involved and is my truck subject to this hapening any info would be appreciated thanks mike
  19. T

    question on trailer wiring

    does anyone know what fuse powers the live feed for the trailer plug i must be blind i cannot seem to find the fuse that controls this feed wire to supply the fifth wheel when youre plugged in to the truck thanks mike
  20. T

    tranny fluid

    ok guys i am do for tranny service,where i am no one carrys amsoil,so i have two options dextron six mobil one synthetic blend or dextron six from gm dealer whitch would you guys use thanks mike