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    ARP main stud instructions

    So just to be sure , you are measuring clamping force ? Do you plan to measure elongation with respect to torque or force ?
  2. E

    ARP main stud instructions

    His name is Andrew Ashwell ? This was on the Page about 10 years ago .
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    Intake project

    Those are some good numbers . My exhaust is close to yours but the intake is only in the 240 range if I remember correctly .
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    Intake project

    That was me who posted about the 5 CFM . Had a friend port my heads and he went to the Mondello school . Did some BBC and the 6.5 heads for me . I have never seen any numbers from Chris on his ported heads . If you are in the business of selling 6.5 heads , why wouldn't you post some numbers ...
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    1986 GMC C6000 PS fluid running out from between the MC and Hydro booster

    This have the 2 master cylinder brake system ? One on the firewall and another under the truck mounted to the frame under the seat ? I would almost try taking off the master cylinder and starting the truck to see if the seals are blown . Are the pressure return lines on correctly ?
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    Intake project

    Good , that's what I'd do with my ported heads . I would do a " line of sight " with the runners . That looks like a lot of taper on the runners and very short for the intended RPMs . You'd be doing great if that causes the heads to only lose 5 CFM .
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    6.5 starter issues

    Try checking voltage at the starter while cranking . I have a 91 Suburban 350 that eventually stopped cranking . Voltage was good at the battery end and on the starter but went to nothing when cranking . Replaced the cable , had battery voltage while cranking and started .
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    97 k3500 project memorial 6.5l turbo diesel

    Nice truck . How many times have you stuck yourself in the shins with those " spikes " on the front tires ? 😁
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    99 TAHOE 2X4 gasser

    How did the 400 to 4L80E swap go ?
  10. E

    4L80E transmission shift problems

    There were issues with the trans harness at the connection on the side of the trans . If you pull the connector and find trans fluid in the cavity , there are updated parts to repair that . This was on the earlier trucks , I have a 91 Suburban , and the ends were different on the newer parts .
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    Still brake problems

    Should be JB8 . MT1 is 4L80E trans .
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    My first deisel. In need of '83 6.2 l knowlege.

    Did you change both of the fuel filters ?
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    Still brake problems

    Rock Auto is showing two different part numbers for the 96 and 97 3500 . I would think you would need to know the brake system numbers for ordering the correct parts i.e. JB7 or JD8 etc . These are on the glovebox door with all the other codes .
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    Square body owners needed

    I've got a couple here . Do you want from where the rag joint bolts on to the end of the upper link ?
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    Pre combustion chamber design research

    I remember reading those pages on the theory about precups when you posted them a while ago . First sentence is a red flag for me . Only 40% of the swept volume is in the prechamber ? Where is the other 60% ? Remember this is at TDC . Not happening as you have stated because of the pressure...
  16. E

    Pre combustion chamber design research

    Right , heated air from the compression . The walls and the precup have nothing to do with the ignition as far as temp . You can start a cold engine without glows or the precup being hot as long as you have good compression . The air in the cylinder is compressed and forced into the precup by...
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    Pre combustion chamber design research

    And how does the ignition start ? What's the one thing missing ?
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    Pre combustion chamber design research

    No doubt the is quite a lot of air movement . What else is happening ?
  19. E

    Pre combustion chamber design research

    Correct ! And what happens to the air after that ?
  20. E

    Pre combustion chamber design research

    How does the cup change velocity of the air ?