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Search results

  1. MrMarty51

    Project - Exhaust Renovation - Ceramic Coating by Twisted Steel Performance

    Darn, too bad I didn't send over the three into two manifold piping off the 74 Triumph T-150 trident, them single wall motorcycle pipes always turns blue. Too late now, the bike had been run before I bought it and been run some more since I got the clutch/transmission back together. I`m sure...
  2. MrMarty51

    I think I need a new alternator!

    I know this probably does not pertain to any of this. The DOT would run a lot of lights on their 6.5 diesel units, usually one ton duallies with a dump box, setting idling at a work zone with the top lights going and they would burn through a couple of alternators a summer. maybe they would have...
  3. MrMarty51

    C3500HD Tow pig

    That is one sweet looking rig. I know just about enough on gin poles and winches to get hurt. LOL
  4. MrMarty51

    Project "Johnny Cash"

    I once used some shake and shoot that was made for frames and such in high abuse areas. I now dont even remember what it was that I used it on so I cant give a reeeport on how it stood to the occasion. LOL It may have been a Krylon or some such brand. I have used that Hammered look shake and...
  5. MrMarty51

    Toms Truck

    Hello Thomas, welcome to the forum. How many miles is there on the unit ? Might be best to get the wheels off the ground and pull calipers and drums and do an inspection of components. If brakes dont surge when stopping and all the components looks to be in good condition, remove rear slack...
  6. MrMarty51

    6.5L 1998 Chevrolet C3500 Crew Cab Longbed 6.5L $5500 OBO

    Yeah, nice looking truck.
  7. MrMarty51

    Fuel supply line upgrade??

    I know that a couple of people have posted about the preferred suppliers and specific tube to use. I`ll let them chime in about that. One mod I think I`d go for if it was My truck is the feed the beast kit from Leroy Diesel or from Quadstar tuning. Oh wait, I see Your truck is much to new for...
  8. MrMarty51

    Project "Johnny Cash"

    And that kinds of patience and skill.
  9. MrMarty51

    Crank no start

    When I had the pump removed from My truck, after bleeding the low pressure side, cracked fuel lines at all the injectors I could easily get to, then cranked for maybe a minute and fuel than began to pulse from the fittings, tightened the lines back up and it took right off. Missed for a little...
  10. MrMarty51

    Over head in the cab.

    Not many gophers in this part of the world, there is an over abundance of P-Dogs though. LOL
  11. MrMarty51

    My Shop

    4" pump, that`ll move some liquid in a quick hurry. LOL
  12. MrMarty51

    Hacking my system when I'm on this site!

    Oh crap, brainium overloadicus. Must be time for a nap now. LOLOLOL
  13. MrMarty51

    Couple 6.5 trucks in vegas -i dont know them

    Both those trucks looks mighty nice. Low miles on them too.
  14. MrMarty51

    Electric fuel pump/lift pump

    I have one of these facet fuel pumps setting in a coffee jug all sealed up to keep out the dirt. it was on My 2000 K3500 when I had bought the truck. I installed a fuel pressure gauge and it scared the crap out of Me, at highway speeds, about 70 MPH, it would run on zero pounds of pressure. It...
  15. MrMarty51

    Over head in the cab.

    Thank You NVW. Now when the weather gets a little nicer maybe I`ll get that rifle rack installed and then it`ll be removed from the garage. LOL As for the roof rack, I still need to make up My mind on that, just not quite sure how that would look, and, I have no real need for one, like...
  16. MrMarty51

    DIY 5 stud main girdle and measurements with pics...

    I too have not had an actual camera for years. I use the cell phone to get the pics then, I send them to My email from the phone to get them posted into the forum. if I`m on the road and dont have the computer along, I will then load the pic into a reply from the phone. I just think its easier...
  17. MrMarty51

    Over head in the cab.

    Just wondering if anyone knows what is above the headliner on My 2000 K3500. This is the same body style as like the 98 year of all the GM trucks. I would like to install an overhead rifle rack but I do not want holes going through the exterior roof.
  18. MrMarty51

    Changing intake

    YUP, seems to be the way of things, too many distractions. LOL Heck, I walk to the tool box, then, try to remember what I walked to it for. LOL
  19. MrMarty51

    Help please

    Only on a dry run up and over the Yellowstone hill. I seems to have plenty of getup and go on an empty box. Earlier, a couple of months. he came over driving a 2017 Dodge Charger, one of them Hell Cat things and was talking of ordering a brand new one. He was telling Me of the dealer taking Him...
  20. MrMarty51

    1969 IH 1300D 4X4 - Pump Truck

    On the 59 Dodge, I switched from the bend over the nut locks to the perforated washer and nut with the peg types of locks, then, the outer nut is just a jam device to keep it all from falling apart. LOL I figure that old Dodge is going to be in the family for a very very long time and I did not...