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Search results

  1. dieselfuelonly

    6.5L For Sale: New 6.5 Mahle .020" Pistons

    Hi, I have for sale a brand new set of Mahle .020" over 6.5 diesel pistons with .010" reduced compression height. They are complete with rings, wrist pins, and pin clips. Bought them and then found out machine shop needs to go to .040" on my block. Box was opened to look at components and that...
  2. dieselfuelonly

    6.5 Pistons

    Looking for a set of new .020" over pistons for a 6.5 diesel. Must be complete with rings, pins, and clips. Have looked online and found some options, but wanting to see if anyone has a set they can give me a good price on. Thanks.
  3. dieselfuelonly

    6.5L 6.5 Turbo Setup

    For sale is a 6.5 turbo setup. Comes with left and right exhaust manifold, gm4 turbo, oil drain tube, and factory crossover pipe. Turbo turns freely with no issues. $300 picked up or $330 shipped in the US. If interested send a pm. Thank you.
  4. dieselfuelonly

    LB7 with EGR?

    I just bought a 2004 GMC Sierra with the Duramax. The VIN has a "1" in the 8th digit position so this should mean the engine is an LB7. Interestingly this truck has EGR which I had no idea or expected to see it under the hood on the engine. I bought the truck from New York...so was California...
  5. dieselfuelonly

    Picked up 6.5 141 Block

    Last weekend I picked up and bought a 6.5 N/A engine out of a 96 van for $300. Has about 235k miles and needs an injection pump, but was told it ran before the pump and even had head gaskets put in 40k miles ago. So heads are definitely not cracked. I was really surprised to get it home and...
  6. dieselfuelonly

    Question on machining 82-90 660 blocks

    I am looking into buying a 6.2 or 6.5 engine as a project to build it into a stronger engine as a candidate for a sled-pulling truck. I have found 6.2 engines for sale at a good price and am looking at a military 6.2 engine out of a hummer. At the very least I'd like to get the bottom-end...
  7. dieselfuelonly

    TH400 converter

    Hi, wanted to see what is the best torque converter to buy as far as price and quality goes for a TH400 auto behind a 6.2 diesel? I know the stall speed has to be on the lower side and around the 1600-2000 rpm range for the diesel. Or should it be rated lower then that? Looking at a truck for...