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Search results

  1. JiFaire

    LeroyDiesel Hurricane Harvey.

    I just got this message from Leroy from Facebook. Our prayers are with him and all of our Texas family.
  2. JiFaire

    What could these codes mean?

    I had those 2 codes; I cleared them from history, cleaned/reseated all my FSD connections, grounds, new fuel with a qt of 10-30, changed the PMD and never saw them again. First cardinal sin: impatience. I did all that at once. That means I have no idea which one helped. D-oh. Start with...
  3. JiFaire

    Stanadyne lubricity Addititive - what is it?

    I put the cheapest 30wt in it I could find... no additives, just plain old oil. Stuff so cheap I wouldn't run it in my lawn mower. Bill Heath laughed at me when I asked him if I should switch to something more expensive, said it's all he ever ran in his, too.
  4. JiFaire

    Probably going to need to clear the codes with a GM Tech-2 (or equivalent) OBD-II reader... I...

    Probably going to need to clear the codes with a GM Tech-2 (or equivalent) OBD-II reader... I think that lamp code is in the second code table with most of the instrumentation codes, so I'm not sure if one of the cheapies will do it. Ask Ferminator.
  5. JiFaire

    Look in teh 6.2/6.5 Technical Reference Library ... lots of good info there. Reading and...

    Look in teh 6.2/6.5 Technical Reference Library ... lots of good info there. Reading and Clearing OBD-1 Codes: http://www.thetruckstop.us/forum/threads/6-5-diesel-technical-library.589/#post-111592
  6. JiFaire


    Thanks Leo .. I know Dennis was pretty happy with his tunes, and lord knows he is savvy about the fuel/air curves, but it's nice to hear an apples/apples comparison from someone I trust.
  7. JiFaire


    Uh, no. At the time, moderators approached you quite professionally and you came back at them like you had gilded poop. Several times, in fact. We had several fairly intense engagements in the back room, checking with each other to make sure we were treating you 'fairly', and always erred...
  8. JiFaire


    How did it compare to a tune from Lyndon, Leo? I forgot to put him in the list, and most of these guys use his def files
  9. JiFaire


    Last paragraph is super important.. I saw a guy in Lethbridge not long ago who was really happy with the 'new' chip in his OBDI 1500s ... But his EGR readings were crazy high. I pulled the chip for a peek and under the "Zfactor" sticker was an old Hypertech chip! Stock exhaust, stock turbo...
  10. JiFaire


    Here we go again... A1 Customs - 'Steaksauce'. At best, it won't work. At worst, you'll hurt your truck. SS Diesel - you will pay too much for stock parts, minimal gain, poor warranty Heath Diesel - Top notch stuff, high expertise, top prices. Kennedy Diesel - like Heath - lots of good stuff...
  11. JiFaire

    Lift Pump Relay Upgrade - '94-'95

    ? I got nuthin ... no sign of it. We'll keep looking.
  12. JiFaire

    Got me a new truck

    Pretty truck, Marty ... congrats!
  13. JiFaire

    Thermostatic Fan Clutch

    I ran Heath's Hayden fan; better engagement, torque transfer, worked just fine with my 94 towing big weight.
  14. JiFaire

    Where to buy seat heaters?

    Wow.. looked like a couple of those were about to be weenie toasters!
  15. JiFaire

    1 Million miles 1997 6.5 Diesel

    Trans fluid has been my go-to additive for a lot of years in my chevy gassers, too, used just like he does. Half a pint of tranny fluid in the last tank of gas and the other half in the oil in the last 30 miles before the change. It isn't much, but my oil pans have been spanky-clean when I...
  16. JiFaire

    FSD or PMD function

    Nope. Well, maybe to the injectors, but not with enough pressure to get Past the injectors. Without the high-energy pulse from the FSD, the DS4 solenoid pump won't compress the fuel down the line. Without highly-compressed fuel, the injectors won't 'pop'.
  17. JiFaire

    Delta 202 cam no good?

    I completely agree. From what I know, your cam won't hurt anything; it may not provide the performance jump you are looking for, is all. Most times, performance gains in a 6.5 come as the sum of a bunch of other things, rather than from one upgrade. As for my comments, I want to apologize...
  18. JiFaire

    Delta 202 cam no good?

    Good posts, BJ - there is significant difference in having a cam ground for asymmetry on an NA and a FA engine, but I'm also skeptical about the amount of difference. Still, it is a fine line to walk, as BJ points out. Guys, It's important to remember a few things; Fuel/Air is forced INTO a...
  19. JiFaire

    Swapping Heath Chip?

    Softer spring and longer arm on the wastewater. ***edit: Wastewater? WTF? I meant Wastegate! :D
  20. JiFaire

    Thoughts on Vaccination shots?

    Measles. Lots of potential side effects. Mumps: you haven't lived till you see a 23 yr old man get mumps and it doesn't hang out in the neck lymph nodes, but instead migrates to more tender regions. Polio: friends of mine as kids wore the Forrest Gump leg braces because of polio. Remember people...