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Search results

  1. GM Guy

    Has anyone changed a fuel solenoid on a DS4?

    sorry, yes, the metering solenoid. Not shutoff. The burning up due to incorrect depth might explain his current situation, lol. I assume anyone that is eating PMDs could be caused by a improper depth FSO?
  2. GM Guy

    Has anyone changed a fuel solenoid on a DS4?

    Hey all, Has anyone successfully changed a fuel solenoid on a DS4? Got a buddy that has a bad one, ohmed out bad. Pump ran awesome prior.
  3. GM Guy

    Double check my diagnosis please: 95 K3500

    Nothing yet. :) back burner project ever since wheat harvest hit, I did get the 95 GMC K2500 back on the road (Genuine Bosch new injectors and AC Delco 60G glow plugs, new valley hoses, FTB, low mile GM8, and new batteries and ALL battery cables with the bolt mod, cranks sooo much better. Then...
  4. GM Guy

    Greaseable door hinge pins

    I picked up a GM set for 80 bucks off Amazon, I threw my back out earlier and am still recovering, so no door man-handling for now, hopefully can get them installed before too long.
  5. GM Guy

    Anyone use a/c delco injectors?

    I would definitely send them back if you have the option to. Normally I am a big GM/ Delco OE parts fan, but it seems they take the cheap route on suppliers for alot of the 6.5L fuel system. Much better off to get a set of new Bosch from Leroy.
  6. GM Guy

    Need help

    Is the EGR system still intact, even though the vac pump is gone? If so, need to delete that crap, I "think" but dont know, that the EGR valve needs vac to hold shut, so if there is no vac its always sucking exhaust. Advice: Stay calm, dont get stressed, sounds like the previous owner did some...
  7. GM Guy

    1994 K3500 no start

    How crusty are your battery cables? last two no/slow crank 6.5Ls I have messed with have been cables.
  8. GM Guy


    Any more input on this? Looking at a 5521S and its was a no-go from the start for the owner. He paid 1200 and is accepting offers. I am debating about offering 200 bucks. I think he will take it if I do...
  9. GM Guy

    Greaseable door hinge pins

    So, did anyone ever get a set? If so, thumbs up, or down?
  10. GM Guy

    88GMCtruck's never ending 88 GMC build thread

    a truck that looks nothing like 99 percent of the ones on the road deserves a plate that 99 percent dont understand. :)
  11. GM Guy

    88GMCtruck's never ending 88 GMC build thread

    Pleeease put an Allis Chalmers vanity plate on it. :)
  12. GM Guy

    Towing with the 6.5

    Nice color scheme! :) 26K on the 400K+ 95 in signature.
  13. GM Guy

    How often do you use 4 wheel drive.

    I dont always use 4wd, but when I do, Its once a year or so, and it usually ends up in me being frame deep with false trust in the abilities of a transfer case equipped vehicle... :) the (2) 3/4 tons (93 and 95) are open diff, and are a huge disappointment in 4wd. my 06 Duramax with highway...
  14. GM Guy

    Heads/ precups options

    tagging for extreme interest. :)
  15. GM Guy

    Quadstar Tune

    What about split power on cruise? Thin the 430/470 Detroit diesel. 430 on the foot feed, 470 on cruise.
  16. GM Guy

    2014 Cruze Diesel

    Got a buddy with a 17 with the manual that loves it, but probably not enough miles to know how it will do long term. He is a hyper-miling freak that can squeeze some impressive numbers out of it. From Denver back here to KS its flat and downhill, I think one run with a decent tailwind he...
  17. GM Guy

    2019 Silverado

    I cant get over the terrible mirrors. put them in front of the window! right now it looks like someone grafted mid 90s ford half ton mirrors onto something...
  18. GM Guy

    Double check my diagnosis please: 95 K3500

    OK, pulled upper intake and unplugged OS and no change. verified FSO this time, out when unplugged, sucks right in when plugged in with key on.
  19. GM Guy

    Double check my diagnosis please: 95 K3500

    Hey all, I drug home another one. :) 95 K3500 CCLB DRW 6.5L 5spd 4wd. It has about 250K on it, story goes he was just driving along and it just shut off, never to start again. Owner claims to be a good mechanic and has had a few 6.5Ls over the years and claimed it has to be the IP I cracked...