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Search results

  1. Ray2377

    Exhaust manifold replacement

    I decided to finally try the driver’s side exhaust manifold replacement. I removed the inner fender and plasma torched most of it and sawzalled the rest to get it removed. I tried welding nuts onto 2 of the easiest to reach bolt parts sticking out. After 4 broken welds on 1 & 2 on the other, I...
  2. Ray2377

    Replacing the exhaust manifolds?

    Do you have to pull the engine to replace the exhaust manifolds or can you get to them by removing the tire and inner fender? Mine, especially the driver side, are in horrible shape. Everything is extremely rusty and I expect to break off the bolts. I am going to try that welding on a nut to...
  3. Ray2377

    6.5 “pops” & blows black smoke intermittently

    This is a carryover from a previous thread that got really long. I have a1997 K3500 and just got the glow plugs fixed, so I can start it in weather under 60 degrees. As I stated before this problem is intermittent. Sometimes just after idling, and sometimes when I’m driving down the road. What...
  4. Ray2377

    TTS Newbie & 1st Diesel

    Hello all, Firstly, I am not new to pickup trucks (on my 3rd & 4th), but am new to internet sites. I may make mistakes. I have an 02 F150 and just got a 97 K3500 diesel. Both are old, but comfortable like well worn boots. Both have a few issues, but are fixable (with help and knowledge). Thanks...