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Recent content by Rockabillyrat

  1. Rockabillyrat

    How far is too far ????

    That 6.7 splitting on the engine dyno was the reason behind D&J and Firepunk working together to develop the all billet cummins engine. Industrial Injection just split one the same way but on a chassis dyno. Engine literally came out of the truck. 3000hp is where the stock 6.7 block can't handle...
  2. Rockabillyrat

    How far is too far ????

    I haven't seen anyone run an inline pump on a 6.5. Let alone 2 4 cylinder pumps. There is a guy running 2 8 cylinder DB2 on a pulling tractor. But you could get more fueling from an 8 cylinder p pump to be honest. The downside to any rotary pump is high rpm fueling because of its design. Two 4...
  3. Rockabillyrat

    Pre-Cup swap

    WW is correct. The early 6.2 cups are a different size when compared to the 6.5 cups. I have the dimensions written down some where.
  4. Rockabillyrat

    How far is too far ????

    Finding a p400 is the problem. I would have liked to pick one up before they become discontinued, but it was hard to come up with that amout of cash at one time. So I've been slowly piecing together my optimizer build. Which is very similar to what your trying to do. 2010 NA optimizer long...
  5. Rockabillyrat

    4L80E Tranny - no over drive, no slipping, no codes everything else drives fine

    Can you read transmission data? You need to confirm good feedback from both the engine and transmission temperature sensors. A failed trans fluid temp sensor can prevent 4th gear. Also check APP, VSS, RPM. Then drive it and watch for the commanded gear and gear ratio feedback. If its not...
  6. Rockabillyrat

    Project "Johnny Cash"

    Well I ended up with some unexpected free time this weekend. So I decided to get the body off the c15. I took my time and disassembled everything with care so as much of the truck as possible can be reused. The engine was already stripped down to basically a long block so that really sped up...
  7. Rockabillyrat

    Project "Johnny Cash"

    I got really lucky finding this truck. The prices for a clean square body in the mid west are ridiculous. A guy about an hour west of me has a friend in California. They work together to buy trucks and parts then ship them back to ohio. I was set on a 73- 80 truck because I prefer the round head...
  8. Rockabillyrat


    You can jump pins A and H at the DLC and get the flash codes for the abs. No point of guessing, read the code and diagnose it. There are over 30 different codes that can set. I see ALOT of speed sensor and pump motor issues on those trucks if that helps.
  9. Rockabillyrat

    Project "Johnny Cash"

    Well guys, I made a big decision and have been itching to share it with you all. I wanted to wait till I dragged it home though. I had some time to think it over and after looking at the numbers I came to a decision on the body for my truck. The cab was going to take ALOT of work to make it...
  10. Rockabillyrat

    6.5 In A Ranger

    That thing is awesome!! I really want to stuff a 6.5 in a 2wd s10 myself. Ford made a v6 4.5l diesel that was basically a 6.0 with two less cylinders. Put it in their lcf cab overs. I thought it would be a cool swap for a ranger.
  11. Rockabillyrat

    Dorman Turbocharger Vane Position Solenoid

    In my experience is usually a stick unison ring. I clean them all the time at work. It won't damage the engine, but it may effect HP and MPG. I have a tech2. But any good scanner can do bidirectional, and data. snap-on, otc, autel, ect.
  12. Rockabillyrat

    Dorman Turbocharger Vane Position Solenoid

    There is a relearn procedure for VGT turbos. But like stated above more than likely you have a stuck unison ring. You need a scanner with bidirectional controls so you can command the turbo. If the actual and desired vane position doesn't match more that likely the ring is stuck. You can test...
  13. Rockabillyrat

    1994 K3500 extended cab dually

    You gotta love the rust belt. Im at the point where I'm not buying anything from the midwest for a project again.
  14. Rockabillyrat

    Project "Johnny Cash"

    I will gladly pay you for them if your willing to cut them out. Let me know, I was going to try and track down a damaged cab to cut them off of. If it too much of a hassle to ship i will make that drive.
  15. Rockabillyrat

    Project "Johnny Cash"

    The number one thing I hate about living in Ohio... rust. I like getting all 4 seasons. Im close to Lake Erie. ALOT to do in my part of the state for camping and outside adventures. But man the salted roads just kill anything nice up here. Im with Nate, it would be nice to have a rust free...