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Recent content by Husker6.5

  1. Husker6.5

    Which antifreeze

    I actually run the max mix of 70/30 for the higher boiling point and lowest freeze point with two bottles of water wetter for the Burb and 70/30 w/1 bottle water wetter for the Toyotas.
  2. Husker6.5

    What did you do with your GMT400 today...or yesterday....

    I have several different one foot lengths of clear poly tubing of different ID's and OD's to use as extension tubes for radiator drain petcocks. I can't remember which vehicle it was, but one of them the petcock was more like a spigot - no hose barb to slide a hose over - so I found a ID/OD...
  3. Husker6.5

    Which antifreeze

    I find that a 60/40 mix of unicorn pee and water is magical.
  4. Husker6.5

    Head flow data

    Jeez, @Will L., chill a little man. Can't a person have a little fun once in a while? What's got you wound up so tight, wifey on you about your spending on the toys again? Yes, I know how hp and torque curves work and all the variables that affect making those numbers. Would you have had a...
  5. Husker6.5

    Electric Fan clutch

    I am, too. Detached retina in my left eye, I have this black spot in the center of my vision, to look directly "at" something I have to be looking slightly off-center at it.
  6. Husker6.5

    Head flow data

    There used to be coverage of diesel events in eastern Tennessee in DieselPower all the time. That's just a hop away.
  7. Husker6.5

    Head flow data

    That's why there's a (+) after the 400. Could very well be a 500. Don't know all your fueling particulars, but the point being rolling up with a 90's 6.5 IDI and making quite a few jaws drop!
  8. Husker6.5

    Head flow data

    Yeah, shame about the engine dyno situation. Perhaps after it's all built and installed you can show up at a diesel event somewhere nearby that has a portable chassis dyno and maybe shock a few people with an "antique" and "obsolete" 6.5TD that spins the rollers at 400+hp!
  9. Husker6.5

    6L80 Transmission.

    Obvious, fluid level/condition?
  10. Husker6.5

    Head flow data

    @Twisted Steel Performance, sounds like you're building for a heavy hauler, not a stoplight to stoplight racer. Just read this thread and looked at your flow charts, impressive gains on the exhaust side (intake not so shabby, either) that should show up in ability to really spool up that turbo...
  11. Husker6.5

    1994 K3500 extended cab dually

    Could be leaking around one (or more) of those repair sleeves and out a cracked seat. Those are, after all, bandaids not cures.
  12. Husker6.5

    Electric Fan clutch

    @dbrannon79 you can plainly see the E on the plug right by your thumb in the top photo. The A is seen directly across from the round manufacturing time stamp emblem.
  13. Husker6.5

    3.0 Liter Duramax Diesel Engine Assembly on Indefinite Hold

    It's most likely an electronics component supply issue. EVERYTHING coming from SE Asia is delayed for one reason or another.
  14. Husker6.5

    Oil filter shortage for 3.0L GM Diesels.

    Yup. There is a plastics shortage. Between the February Arctic blast and Hurricane Ida, most Gulf refinery production has been severely affected and plastic resin beads is one of the casualties. As for parts availability, the entire Vertical Integration supply chain is FUBAR Globally right now...
  15. Husker6.5

    98 K2500 ECSB 7.4L 5-SPEED

    I have a set of those manuals. Worth every pound of weight, too!