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Water/meth injection....DIY?

Discussion in '6.5 Performance' started by great white, May 29, 2010.

  1. great white

    great white Well-Known Member

    I've been looking around the web and water meth injection seems like a fairly common way to reduce egt and pump up power a little bit.

    I've also read in a couple places (including "that guy" who nobody likes) that water meth injection is a pretty safe and reliable 6.5 add on.

    Now, keep in mind, my 98 is only a daily driver that tows a rented camper trailer once a summer at most.

    A bit of research reveals it can be anywhere from 500 bucks and up for a system. Little bit too pricey for me right now to buy an "off the shelf' solution.

    But, essentially, it's just windshield washer fluid pumped intake. How hard can that be to fabricate? And we all like to save a couple bucks if it can be made at home, right?

    Seems the question is construction, quantity and timing of it.

    Then I ran across this:


    and it got me thinking I've got more injectors (gas) lying around than I know what to do with and several Chevy TPI fuel pumps.

    Hmmm.......DIY meth injection?

    should it be pre or post turbo injection?

    Anyone have any experience in this field?

    Or advice besides "You'll blow up your engine" or "you'll hydraulic it"...and please keep in mind, I'm new to this so please go easy on what might be a negative comment.

    some links I've been looking at:


    feel free to discuss.
    Last edited: May 29, 2010
  2. great white

    great white Well-Known Member

    Whoop, hold on a tick.

    This is pretty cheap for a pre built setup:

  3. buddy

    buddy Active Member

    also look at cooling mist

    The nice part about them is the progressive controllers, thats what youre really paying for. They increase water pump pressure as boost or EGT increases to increase flow out of the nozzle. And a 150psi water pump isnt really cheap anywhere.

    WMI works awesome in these engines, as long as the methanol is low percentage (10-20%). Youll go through a lot of water if using it for efficiency. Not so much if just when accelerating or to keep EGTs down under load.

    A simple one can be made very easily, so that it works off a switch. So one or two injectors POST turbo. Smaller injectors the better for atomization. thats why I have two 200cc/min@100psi nozzles. truck doesnt like it at idle at all, so putting in a simple boost pressure switch is a good idea, so it wont start until 2-4psi, or higher if just worried about EGTs. Those pressure switches dont like the heat and vibration of the engine so keep them away from engine bay.

    I like the idea of using gasser electric injectors, since they will be sealed until powered and using common rail type system rather than controlling power on and off of the pump.
  4. Monarkman

    Monarkman Professional Lurker

    Aug 18, 2008
    Burlington, Kentucky
  5. great white

    great white Well-Known Member

    Potential project stopper:

    I live in Canada, what do I do when temperatures drop below 0 Celsius?

    Depending on where I live at the time (I'm military and could be in comox, Halifax, Ottawa or even sunny -40 Edmonton) freezing is a serious problem.

    Frozen water has a tendency to burst things.

    Maybe intercooling is a better option for me.....can the turbo be "clocked down" on a GM -8 turbo?
  6. JiFaire

    JiFaire Lieutenant Staff Member Lead Moderator

    Feb 10, 2008
    Alberta, Canada
    Put on your T-shirt and wear socks with your sandals. And toughen up, ok? The Americans can hear you.

    Add methanol. The blue stuff works fine.

    Yep... of that I'm sure. On the other hand, lots of guys just drain their systems in the winter, as you don't really have to worry about high IATs when it's -30*C

    Yep. Been done a ton of times around here.
  7. great white

    great white Well-Known Member

    Ah, yeah. I'm search and rescue friend. I've earned my cold weather stripes. And we're all Americans.....

    That's only good to around -20 in my experience. Sometimes much less...

    Good point

    Good to know, been thinking about it for a while now. Thanks.

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