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truck wont start after sitting 9 months

Discussion in 'GM 6.5 Diesel Engines' started by jdrobison, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. jdrobison

    jdrobison New Member

    Nov 17, 2009
    SW Missouri
    this truck has been sitting for 9 months, former owner was having stalling issues and quit driving it. they said it would die then restart after sitting for a while. we purchased it as is. now it will not start at all.
    we have replaced the pmd, checked the fuel shut off sol, cleaned all grounds, drained and flushed fuel system with new fuel, tied unplugging optical sensor, we are getting no fuel to the injectors when cranking, thinking possibly bad ip. we have checked the glow plugs and have 2 new batterys, have not scanned the codes yet. thanks.

    Problem: Explain your problem in concise language (ie: Cranks but won’t fire). _Cranks but won’t fire___________________________

    Demographics: tell us about your truck and your ambient conditions:

    - Year: _1996_____
    - Truck model and class (ie: c2500) 3500_________
    - Automatic or Standard _auto_________
    - Mileage: (indicate miles or km) _144,000 miles________
    - Replaced parts and mods (IP, PMD, chip/PCM, TM, injectors etc) _PMD__________
    - Model: ‘S’ or ‘F’ engine, NA or Turbo, EGR? ____not sure yet__has turbo________
    - Ambient outside temp: (indicate *C or *F) _50 f_________
    - What fuel are you using? (#1 Diesel, #2 Diesel, Bio, VO, WVO, etc) _diesel________
    - What fuel additives are you using? ___________
    - Where are you located? _SW MO____________

    General maintenance: inspect and evaluate the condition of each. When were they last changed?
    - Air filter __clean_______
    - Fuel filter _new________
    - CDR Valve? _________
    - Coolant – last flushed/replaced at ___?__________
    - Oil – synthetic/regular, changed at ____?_______
    - Batteries – state of charge, (matched set) replaced at ___new__________
    - Battery cables and grounds (removed, cleaned and tightened): _clean_____________
    - Glow Plugs - how many miles on them? ___?______ What type? _____________
    - Injectors - last changed at ___?____________

    History: (Describe how the problem first appeared.)
    - What were you doing when it happened? __?____________
    - How was the truck running fine before this problem appeared? prev owner was having stalling problems when they parked it_____________
    - Has this problem ever happened before? _______________________
    - Describe any related factors that might be part of the problem. ___?___________
    - Have you checked for DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)? (Y.N) _no__ And? ________


    1] Starting:
    1a] Does the engine start? __No_______
    1b] Does the engine crank over? _yes_______
    1c] Are your batteries fully charged? __yes_______
    1d] Have you removed, cleaned, and tightened all battery connections? yes________
    1e] Does your Wait to Start light come on for a time? How long? _about 8 - 10 sec________
    1f] Does your glow plug light come on? _________ For how long? _________
    1g] Do you see smoke from the exhaust while cranking? What color? _no_______
    1h] Does the Service Engine Light Glow during Start/bulb check? yes________

    2] Fuel Issues (if not running):
    2a] Can you hear your lift pump working? __yes__________
    2b] Do you get a steady flow of fuel from the water drain (T-handle) ? ___yes______
    2c] Loosen the inlet line from the IP – is fuel coming out (Lift Pump on)? __yes_________
    2d] Loosen an injector line and crank the engine - does fuel come out? ___no______
    2e] Do you hear a vacuum (hiss) when you remove the fuel cap? ____no_______

    3] PMD / IP Issues
    3a] Location of PMD (on pump, on intake, remote mounted) _pump__________
    3b] Condition of Extension harness (if used) Vendor or Homemade? _________
    3c] Condition of grounds / ground wires to IP / PMD. Check Harness. __clean_______
    3d] PMD Make: ___________
    3e] PMD Age: __new___________

    4] Stalling Issues
    4a] Do you experience stalling only when hot? ____________
    4b] Does it stall under particular circumstances? (ie hit bump, or on accel) ______
    4c] Does pouring cool water over the IP seem to help with restarting? _________
    4d] Is stalling momentary (engine recovers)? _________
    4e] Does SES light come on when engine hiccups? _________
    4f] Does cruise control quit working when engine hiccups? ___________
    4g] Does re-starting seem to reset engine, restoring cruise and power? _________
    4h] Changes to dash lights or instruments during stalling events? ___________

    5] Running Issues
    5a] On cold start, does upper rad hose get hard before engine warms up? _______
    5b] Any bubbles or oil film in coolant overflow tank? _______
    5c] Any white slime on oil surfaces (dipstick, CDR, oil Fill cap)? __________
    5d] Excessive white smoke from exhaust on cold start? _________
    5e] Excessive black smoke from exhaust under hard acceleration? __________

    6] Performance Issues
    6a] Do you have gauges (boost, EGT) ? ___________
    6b] Maximum boost under load? ____________
    6c] Have you added a performance PCM (reflash) or Chip? ______________
    6d] Have you changed exhaust / downpipe / crossover? ________________
    6e] Wastegate – mechanical or vacuum (OEM)? ______________

    7] Temperature-related Issues:
    7a] Single or dual thermostats? ____________
    7b] Have you replaced them lately? Manufacturer of replacements? _________
    7c] Have you pulled and cleaned Radiator and coolers lately? ____________
    7d] Have you replaced the fan clutch? Manufacturer of replacement? ________
    7e] (winter) Have you tested your antifreeze? Good to what temp? __________
    7f] (winter) Are you using a winter grille cover? ___________

    List and describe any other factors which are not addressed in this checklist. We can’t see, hear, smell, or touch your truck, so the more descriptive information you can give, the more likely it is that somebody can assist you.

    Last edited: Dec 21, 2009
  2. qwomack

    qwomack JP5 Junkie

    Aug 20, 2008
    Wake Forest, NC
    Sounds like you have covered all the bases. The symptoms sound like classic PMD failure. Since you have replaced the PMD are you sure all the connections are good, especially the ground on top of the IP? Also be sure to check all the fuses under the hood, namely ECM A and ECM B.
  3. TomMac95

    TomMac95 New Member

    Aug 22, 2009
    OK ...
    Your LiftPump is pumping fuel right to the input of the FuelInjectionPump. The EngineFuelShuttoff clicks clearly when the ignition is keyed Off, or On.
    The engine cranks , but no fuel sprays/weeps/bubbles from the union where you loosened the line nut atop an injector ... and you gave it a few attempts at cranking , totalling at least 45 seconds.

    -Could be a dead FIP (and it would be DUE , at 144,000Miles). It might be worth inquiring of the previous owner if the FIP is original.
    -It Might be worth replacing the CrankPositionSensor , or removing it and cleaning (wipe off) any metal filings across the magnetized/metallic probes at the tip/end.

    -Scanning codes is a good first step on any electronic-controlled powerplant.
    -T m
  4. that sounds like it could be a broken wire in the PMD harness ..........
  5. Turbine Doc

    Turbine Doc Just Another Diesel Guy

    You say clean gnds, verified how ??? and did you get them all, new PMD, new new; or used but good new, if new where did you get it from, did you replace the resistor in the replaced PMD

    FYI 8th digit of VIN determines S or F

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