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PC question concerning vista

Discussion in 'Computer Questions/Support' started by malibu795, May 18, 2008.

  1. malibu795

    malibu795 misspleelleer..........

    May 7, 2008
    south charleston ohio
    i got had to get vista while back
    i try to down load efi live on to the laptop, 1/2 goes were it is supose to. C:\program files\efi live

    the other other 1/2 got c:\user\adam wildman\efi live.

    how do i do one of two things
    1 get rid of the users crap
    2 keep it all going into the c:\program files and nnot split the carp up
    the suck part is i can re-write the paths yet either.. or i haven firgure out with vista:mad:

    it is rather irritating trying to find stuff and fille stuff none the less
  2. The "user" folder replaced the "my Documents" folder in previous versions. That's probably why half the stuff is going there. Don't think you can get rid of it but you can remap by going Start-> and right click the folder (documents, music, etc) and click "properties" then the location tab.

    If you go Start -> Adam Wildman you should see the EFI folder in the list.

  3. malibu795

    malibu795 misspleelleer..........

    May 7, 2008
    south charleston ohio
    hwo would i get the program to just dump everying in c:\program files that would some much easier........ or would it just be how they wrote the program?
  4. Probably just the way they wrote it. Seems that's what happens with most everything I install any more. I think the programmers do that to keep folks from messing around with the program files.

    I guess they don't care about the data files!
  5. malibu795

    malibu795 misspleelleer..........

    May 7, 2008
    south charleston ohio
    acording to cindy @ efi live
    im pretty sure i set myself up as a user.. i dont know how to set my self back up as a administrator.....
  6. Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts -> User Accounts -> click your account name.

    If you're not already set up as an administrator, click change account type, click the administrator button and click change.

    If you still have that UAC crap activated you'll probably have to click continue a bunch of times....

    That should fix you up as an administrator. Probably won't make much difference as far as your original issue though.

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