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Lockers n spools

Discussion in 'General Recreation' started by Pipepro, May 11, 2008.

  1. Pipepro

    Pipepro McMuddy

    May 10, 2008
    Just a quickie on Lockers and such.

    A locker is a mechanical device that effectively "Locks" both axle shafts together, allows maximum torque transmission to both wheels. Most common would be the Detroit No-Spin and the other variants, Lock right, ez locker. They work very well in heavy long wheelbase trucks with high HP and Torque. The lock/unlock action can be a bit un-nerving in a short wheelbase vehicle or one where the tire pressures or OD of the tires is different. This is the only difference between a locker and a spool is that the locker can unlock and allow a wheel to turn Faster than the ring gear, as in the outside wheel in a turn. (Unless your hard on the go pedal, then the power applied wont let the dogs unlock). Other versions of the locker, ARB air locker, and OX locker (there are others as well) use air or electricity to activate a locking solenoid in the differential. This allows the user to select when they want Maximum traction and then unlock for icy/wet roads or hauling heavy trailers etc. The best of both worlds in my opinion.

    A spool is a solid connection. No differential action, no lock or unlock. Brutally strong they deliver full time traction. They are awesome offroad but Very hard on tires and axleshafts in a street driven truck. The tires are forced to "chirp" or slip at every turn causing glares from old people and thumbs up from the little kids. :smilewinkgrin: A common DIY locker is the "Lincoln Locker" where the spider gears are welded to the axle gears, thus eliminating the differential action. Cheap and easy if you have a welder. They seem to stand up to a fair amount of abuse, the last one has survived a 500hp 383 stroker and some 44" tires.

    I am gettin kinda long winded so Ill skip the limited slips and the silly Gov-Lock look alike we have in the AAM.
  2. Trailmaster01

    Trailmaster01 Marshall

    May 3, 2008
    New Jersey
    very good....just a little summary...lockers won't unlock unless you disengage them(if selectable)...locker and spool difference: A mini spool fits inside the differential, replacing the spider gears locking the rear axles together with solid metal. The only thing to transfer torque to it is the cross pin and it has a bit of room between the carrier and the mini spool.

    A full spool replaces the entire differential, is one piece, and has splines in it to lock the axles together. Seen most in drag cars

    Limited slips(sometimes referred to as posi or posi-traction)and are often CONFUSED as being "spooled"...or locked....is the medium between open and locked....it transfers some power to the other wheel that's not spinning and puts a "brake on the other"...they can be very effective in all but the most extreme conditions...some lockers even have a limited slip "capability"...more on that later:D

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