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found this on ebay 6 door Dually

Discussion in 'GM 6.5 Diesel Engines' started by chevyCowboy, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. chevyCowboy

    chevyCowboy I might be crazy but i ain't dumb

  2. bk95td

    bk95td 6.5 nut job/addict

    Yep. I saw that too, yesterday. Looks like crap without aluminum wheels or stainless simulaters. I like how the grass is mowed by it.
  3. HemisAreSlow

    HemisAreSlow FREE!!!


    96 OILBURNER Member

    I saw that earlier and thought of Missy for some reason.
  5. Michaeljp86

    Michaeljp86 EVIL GENIUS

    I wouldnt want to back a trailer up with that.
  6. 540s10

    540s10 New Member


    We have just been able to ascertain that these special trucks were special builds by the GM plant in Oshkosh, Wisconsin primarily for the executives running GM plants. A Customer "off the street" could not walk in and buy one.

    They were built for the executives to be able to ride through their plants, as they inspected the "line" and any problems that would arise. They needed the flexibility of being able to carry items to particular positions on the line as well as enough passenger room to be able to show visiting managers and others parts of the plant. They were called, by GM, EXECUTIVE EDITIONS, and there were not very many built. To the best of my knowledge they no longer build them.

    The frames are continuous - not spliced and welded, according to the present owner, whose father was an executive designer with GM at the time. His father was responsible for choosing the material for the interior such as the Belgian Leather (very special) which this particular truck was fitted with on the four captain's seats, back, seat and arm rests. Most of the other examples of this vehicle had cloth interior seats (as in the rear bench in the back of this one); this may be the only one built with the soft, Belgian leatherwork.

  7. JiFaire

    JiFaire Lieutenant Staff Member Lead Moderator

    I saw this same truck listed on ebay a long time ago... can't remember for sure when, but it was definitely the same truck. Had the blue topper and everything.
  8. JiFaire

    JiFaire Lieutenant Staff Member Lead Moderator

    Shitty job on the repaint - notice the coolers and hardware behind the grille and everything else is painted? Also - the back seat is cloth... the buckets are a transplant. Also - the friggin thing is filthy! (crap on the floor, in the box, missing trim pieces, passenger door-handle trim (interior), etc.

    That truck is a serious POS. Wouldn't surprise me if it's up for sale again because nobody dares to drive it. If it runs...
  9. 83GMCK2500

    83GMCK2500 v- I miss this truck. -v

    If I had that thing, my list of To-Do's:

    I would clean the smurf up that detonated on the inside, that blue/two-tone shit has got to go.
    Topper is gone, bed is gone, plastic foo-foo is gone, visor is gone. Flatbed.
    Diesel Bumper.
    Drive a few hours North to Mr. Heath and have him make everything right in it's world.
    Solid Axle Swap

    WHAT FLOORMATS are in that thing? HOLY CRAP, I've never seen molded floormats that fit a GMT-400 that well.
  10. 96 OILBURNER

    96 OILBURNER Member

    From the engine compartment shots, it looks like it was red at one time.
  11. Pruittx2

    Pruittx2 OBD 1 Master

    whats with the zip-tie on the cdr??
  12. DEERE3594

    DEERE3594 I welcome everyone...not just Penguins!

    I like it, in thery. Its ugly, the ground efects and bumper has to go, and the mirrors cap and visor that dont match. I like a 6 door though.
  13. bk95td

    bk95td 6.5 nut job/addict

    What GM plant in oshkosh wi?:confused: Definatly a big pile of BS:9898::9898:
  14. Paveltolz

    Paveltolz Доверяй, но проверяй

    The one where they also stretch the truth?

    I've always heard that grey goes with almost any other color. Now I know what 'almost' translates too.

    Aparently paint flaws don't translate to the number of 'love-bugs' alowed to burn their way into the paint.
    it is very dusty outside of the Ft Meyers.

    Me, I believe every word of this article, can't wait to add it to my wish list along with that bridge in NYC I keep hearing about that is for sale...just waiting for the price to come down.
  15. TurboTahoe

    TurboTahoe Recruit

    I'm with Jim on this one. I remember seeing that rig years ago. Weird. Very weird.

    "blown-up smurf" pretty funny...

    -Rob :)
  16. jamierayo

    jamierayo Enter Witty Title Here:_____

  17. restoguy

    restoguy Member

    No kidding! I'd like to get my hands on a couple sets of those too! Anyone else ever seen them and know where to get them?

    As for the two-tone interior, well I'm a liker. I don't know why but I think the blue and grey looks good. Once, many years ago, I looked at a regular cab short box 4X4 on a GM dealers lot. It was a light brown/gold color and had a tan interior with teal carpet! The Z71 stickers on the box were teal too. When I first saw it I swallowed a little bit of puke in the back of my throat and walked away, but the more I thought about it the more I liked it. It was used, but new enough that I couldn't imagine someone doing that to it, but I couldn't see GM doing it either! I still wonder about that rig and I still wish I had gone back.......
  18. Gunner0812

    Gunner0812 A(ACLU) Agent Mini Gunner

    This project would need alot of money!! Talking about interiors....whats up with the red interior it makes me sick!! Just seeing it makes me want to puke!
  19. restoguy

    restoguy Member

    Definately my least favorite too. It's grey all the way in my book!(or tan if that matches better)
  20. Drew

    Drew <font color=blue>Capa'n</font>

    Talk about a hack job on the rear bumper/hitch ground effect kit.

    I dont think it runs right....seriously, who wouldnt find a better place to take pictures too.

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