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For sale and WTB rules

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by blizzardplowman, May 5, 2008.

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  1. blizzardplowman

    blizzardplowman Crowd Control Staff Member Moderator

    May 3, 2008
    SE WI
    Listing "For Sale" Items

    Help us keep the Market Place organized and make it a safe trading environment for the community by following these rules:

    One item or multiple items per ad is fine, please post stating that an item is sold as it happens if you list multiple items.
    All ads must have an asking price. "OBO" (Or Best Offer) is allowed ALONG with an asking price, but a price MUST be listed. If you are giving away the product simply enter "FREE" as the price.
    All ads also require a shipping price. If it's included in the price type "Included." If you'll only charge actual charges based on shipping location type "Actual." If the item is only available for local pickup type "Local." All others type "See Description" and make sure you define your shipping terms within the item description.
    The zip code of the location of the item is required.
    Offsite listings and not allowed, If you choose to list the ad here please provide all of the information (pictures, description, price, etc.) here. Links to external forums, classified sites, ebay, etc. are all prohibited. Our users are browsing our Market Place to conduct transactions through our site.
    The item must be in your possession and your personal property. You are not allowed to sell an item for a friend, relative, family member, or ex-girlfriend.
    The sale of firearms and ammunition is prohibited. This is due to differing laws from state to state and the difficulties in transferring ownership of a firearm. The sale of gun accessories (scopes, magazines, etc.) is permitted.
    The sale of services is allowed.
    Vendors/dealers (supporting or non-supporting) are allowed to sell personal items or one of a kind overstocks in the Market Place. This includes both listing For Sale ads and responding privately to Wanted ads. The intent of the Market Place is to allow members and vendors to sell used products and allow non-vendor members to sell single new products that weren't used as planned. Vendors are permitted to sell any used product/item including any items the vendor would also sell new during the course of business.
    New-in-box item ads with a quantity of more than one must be approved by the staff.
    Bumping is permitted once every 48 hours by the ad owner only. Be considerate to other users; they deserve the right to the first page as much as you. Answering a question from another user is considered a bump though you may answer a question anytime one arises.
    Close your ad once it's been sold. It will be moved to the Closed Ad section within one hour automatically. This reduces the amount of time members spend searching through open ads and it makes the ad available for feedback. Visit this link for more information on closing your ad.
    Ads are closed automatically if there has not been a post within the last 30 days. This is done to keep ads current.
    Listing & Buying Members
    Access and use of the Market Place is at your own risk. DTR and its staff DO NOT and CANNOT GUARANTEE in any way the outcome of a transaction that results through the use of our Market Place.
    Check your private messages often.
    It is suggested that pricing and negotiations should take place within the thread and not privately. This helps keep a public record of the transaction details in case of dispute down the road.
    Should the outcome of a transaction be less than desirable please attempt to resolve the situation privately. If you are unable to resolve the problem leave negative feedback for the user. Do not contact the staff. We are unable to mediate transaction disputes though we monitor negative feedback and act on patterns.
    Posting in any forum other than the Member Feedback forum regarding a transaction dispute is NOT ALLOWED.
    It is up to you to research and make an informed decision on the person you are buying from or selling to should you choose to proceed with a transaction.
    Leave feedback once the transaction is complete.
    Browsing Members
    If you make a comment on an ad it needs to be on the topic of the ad. Negative or off topic comments will be removed. While conversation is permitted it needs to remain on the topic of the listed item. Off topic comments include: great price; that's too much; wish I could afford these; maybe next time; and anything else that isn't asking or answering a question about the item or sale.
    If you have a similar item for sale, post an ad. Don't post about it in someone else's ad. If you already have an ad, don't post in someone else's with a link to yours.

    We require all users to have a minimum of Fifteen (15) posts and a minimum one-month membership to post in the Market Place.


    This gives new users time to familiarize themselves with the forum, our members, and to build a reputation. Our forum software enforces this rule automatically and the staff is not able to make exceptions. Senseless posting anywhere on the forum to increase your post count is cause for permanent banning from the Market Place. A little useful participation in the technical forums will quickly gain you the ability to post in the Market Place. You can still browse the ads and contact ad owners privately; you just can't create your own ads.
    The staff reserves the right to delete any ad or post for any reason including failure to follow any of the above listed rules. Repeat offenses may result in temporary or permanent banning from the Market Place and/or forum.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 14, 2009
  2. Unit453

    Unit453 Cruises comfortably at 140... Staff Member Administrator

    Feb 10, 2008
    Bradenton, FL

    Please close and move your thread to the "closed for sale and want ads" forum listed when the sale is complete.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2008
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