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Will L.

Well-Known Member
Boulder City Nv
Thread starter #41
Yeah. But I won't hide it, figure ask $1000 and let them cut it about in half? Other parts a great and no rust.
(except turbo housing has pin hole in it)

My son says there is a kid here in town that loves these ol MB diesels- I can see why. It's like the car version of 6.2/6.5. If it didn't have the problem, I could sell it for $4,000. Which isn't bad considering it has cost maybe $1,000 total repair and oil changes (can't remember tire cost) for around 100,000 miles use and we bought it for $5,500. Plus the thing gets over 30 mpg. If it weren't for possibly making me late to work I would just run it till the thing falls apart, then sign the title, pull the optima, and walk away with it on the roadside. That is If I was 200 lbs or under, or didn't mind bending while twisting my back, It would be great. The car seats anyone 6'4" no problem in front seats and 6' in rear. But squatting down to get in it and trying to stand out of it is what sux. No crying on my part- It done me good.