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Jena, LA
Thread starter #21
Will I still have the carcass. I’ll go get some pics it’s been raining it’s ass off all day. But I don’t have any plans for the turbo. I’m not gonna spend the money for a cartridge for a turbo that’s not gonna hold up to the the abuse. I abuse the everloving hell out of my truck. But I feel pretty comfortable doing so. I’ve had the cummins maxxing out a 1650° EGT gauge. Albeit not very long but it was there for 10 seconds or so. I could smell it, it smelled like freshly welded iron lmao. But that was over a year ago, i’ve had the head off of it since then and the cylinders looked absolutely impeccable besides a ring of carbon buildup about 2-3mm at the top of the cylinders.
Warwagon I believe you about the BB turbo I’ve never thought about the manual shift speed gains. Didn’t know you swapped a 5600 in either. How you like that? You are talkin about ur 6.5l truck huh?

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Well it hits on 7 of 8...
@Burning oil Dennis says you can get ATT parts.

Regardless "This Thread is Worthless Without Pics!!!"

I am throwing a Moose Pump at Patch.

I did the 5.9 and NV5600 swap the easy way. It almost became the first 6.5TD dropped in a Dodge after the engine was hauled out the 3rd time (linky). PO dropped a valve seat before I got it and sleeved the #1, started knocking on me, rebuilt it, and still knocked, so started with a different 5.9 block and finally shut it the hell up. I worry about high EGT's over 1350 on the 24v as they are known to drop a valve seat. The NV5600 is a cranky double clutch shift cold till it warms up and then drops in a gear when it feels like it. It shifts slow as all the gears are always turning. It does have a nice spread for towing vs. the 5 speed. that's a 27' and the grades are over 7% for miles camping at 8600'