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A new look for the dually, got some questions

Discussion in 'Steering, Suspension and Wheels' started by Z79outlaw, May 16, 2008.

  1. Z79outlaw

    Z79outlaw Its tougher in Wisconsin

    Ok well, I've decided to undually, my truck, I just found a rust free mint fleetside box , I bought some 17" 08 Silverado Z71 wheels, and I am undecided as to what kind of tires I'm going to buy yet, but I'm thinkin 33X12.50x17's, anyways I'm going to order some wheel spacers from Fred in a week or two, as the factory wheels have such negative backspacing I want to push them out a way's so I have 2" inchs or so of tire sticking out instead of being tucked in, but do I need to get the wheel spacers hub-centric? since chevy wheels are hub centric? Or will the standard lug-centric wheels work?
  2. Gruber

    Gruber Tin Can Rider

    May 4, 2008
    1000 Oaks, California
    I put Fred's spacers on my dually when I put on the 265's. All the dialogue I remember is that these trucks are hub centric and you want the hub centric adaptors. IIRC that was a big thing about Fred's. My tire guy put them on with the new tires and they are are really snug fit. I remember thinking to myself ....Self I wish I had som never sieze to put in between that aluminum spacer and that steel hub! It might be a project to get them off. Since I get lifetime free rotations I'll let him deal with it.

    I'm sure someone will chime in that knows the facts for sure.....that's my 2 cents

    BTW I remember guys mentioning that they were displeased with all the mud getting slung out on the fenders due to the tires being where you want yours..something to think about.
  3. WhitetailAddict

    WhitetailAddict Recruit

    May 9, 2008
    Central Pennsylvania
    Just my $.02, but I would not want my tires to stick out that far. I had 35x12.50R20's that stuck out about 3" on my cummins and I hated them. They were all the time throwing rocks on the paint, in the rain they would throw slop over your side glass, and the dust from going down the road was all over it-you couldn't keep it clean. Not to mention the horses**t from the buggies that they would throw all over the truck. Like Gruber said...something to think about.
  4. Z79outlaw

    Z79outlaw Its tougher in Wisconsin

    Yeah, Im familiar to this the problems of it, most lifted truck have that problem, and I hate big fender flares, but oh well somtimes you gotta give up a little for looks, it looks like I may not have much of a choice any ways, the dually rear axle appears to be a little wider, so I may not even need to run spacers in the rear.

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