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2003 Arctic Fox 27-5L , fit 2 Lifeline GPL-4CT AGM 6v Batteries

Discussion in 'General Recreation' started by WarWagon, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. WarWagon

    WarWagon Well it hits on 7 of 8...

    Nov 15, 2009
    After 4 weeks of dry camping in total last season my unknown age batteries were murdered. :dead: Although AF comes with a nice Progressive Dynamics "INTELI-POWER" converter it's actually a "STUPID-POWER" 9100 series missing a 5 cent Charge Wizard chip the 9200 series has standard. (9100's: For full hook up RV use.) This chip will change the voltage to 14.4v during the bulk charging phase: aka you start the generator in the AM and it can send the full 60A of the converter to the batteries. Without it it's stuck on "slow" 13.X Volts that takes forever to charge and wastes genset fuel. This and a shaded campsite killing solar for a week finished killing the batteries due to under charge and deep discharge. Fortunately they sell a $25.00 adapter with the 5 cent chip in it.

    Further upgrades include a "fuel gauge" for the batteries in the form of a Bogart Engineering SC-2030 Solar Controller with temp compensation and TM 2030-RV battery monitor. Figure out how much AM generator time is needed and maybe save fuel by letting solar finish charging.

    Golf Cart 6v batteries have "bigger" cells rather than more smaller cells of a 12v battery. They don't have one battery working harder than the other due to cable length differences etc. Last, I can dump the entire 60A converter current through them during the bulk charging stage rather than splitting it 50/50 with two 12v units. The result is they are taller than most 12v batteries. The chosen model is the shortest and I thought would fit with the least pain. Lifeline offers a nearly unmatched 5 year warranty. :)

    I missed the supports for the upper battery tray in the way when measuring to see if the Lifeline GPL-4CT AGM 6v batteries would fit the original battery compartment as well as the hold down bolts. The rest of this post is the 'square peg pounded into a round hole'. o_O

    Seriously. :eek:

    So overview of battery compartment (Did not mount batteries like this.):


    Supports in the way:


    Cut out with angle grinder: (Cut then grind...)


    Battery tray modification (Lift the front of the tray up and it will come out.)


    New Bogart Engineering SC-2030 Solar Controller:


    Current Shunt:


    Finished Battery compartment. I pushed the top battery as far in as possible due to the reduced support I cut out.

    Last edited: Mar 19, 2018
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  2. WarWagon

    WarWagon Well it hits on 7 of 8...

    Nov 15, 2009
    Tight fit. Note battery temp sensor for the solar controller is on the negative terminal in there somewhere... Silicone self fusing tape used on terminals due to tight fit.


    Wiring following the plumbing:


    New TM 2030-RV:


    Old "dumb" Solar Controller:


    The location of the TM 2030-RV is on the other side of the wall from the bathroom sink. Getting 2 wire cables to the old location would have been very hard and risk going by the fridge. This way the wires follow the plumbing to the sink and it's in a better location. The old Solar controller is pretty greased up from being over the stove and microwave. Microwave moved as it died and new ones are bigger... 1st owner had a TV there.


    North Rim Grand Canyon


    Last edited: Mar 19, 2018
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  3. JayTheCPA

    JayTheCPA Well-Known Member

    Jun 13, 2011
    Annapolis, MD
    Pro's and Con's to dual 6 volts.

    Either way, the wiring is looking good should you decide on the next battery batch to go dual 12 volts :)

    Nice looking trailer too :D

    Lithium has come a long way and I am considering going in that direction now that there are stable thermal platforms available. Naturally, this will call for a bit more re-jiggering of the wiring on both the trailer and tow vehicle side.
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  4. BIGR

    BIGR Lucky To Be Here

    Jun 9, 2008
    Appalachian Mountains
    Nice camper and great work ingenuity there on the electrical system.

    It is always great to have power to run things in a camper if you don't have electrical hook ups.

    Nice camping area there also, not too crowded, more peace and quite.

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